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About Me
Beautiful Beachfront with Sandhills.
I grew up  in a little  township in  surroundings of beach, hills 
and  country  and have  lived on a Beach Front  not  far from Adelaide  South Australia. I have  an avid interest  in Nature, Flower-Art and Greeting Cards.  Also I like  to try  different  dishes of  International  Cuisine  with various friends from overseas and recipe books I keep on hand. 

Just recently, I've picked up an interest in taking more photos ...and...I have intentions of taking up 
small car trips again that I have not had the pleasure of for some years with  Independent  Natural Health Research and have  recently  made a  change  from  that  over to  Web-Sites like  this one. I LOVE to make INSPIRATIONAL WEBSITES and dress them up with beautiful pictures
and LOT's of COLOR, making them a Visual Experience for you, my Visitors.

You will be Captivated when you SEE some of the Pictures and Photos I have for you...
I have gleaned from a few Quality Photo Sites.... I have a passion for finding nice photos
of Flowers; Nature and Scenery.  Because  these  pictures have "inspired me" so many times
AND there is a great demand  for  Inspirational Sites  of that nature__ like POEMS for instance
and PHOTO SITES......I decided to dress up my Web-Pages of Inspirations for You with them.

A few photos I have taken are on this Web-Site ie  Lots of Roses on Garden Delights Page.....
A Lake in Spring on Favorite Seasons Page......Lovely Pink Roses on Christian Poems Page

Different friends and people I've met often, have enjoyed two Low Profile Spiritual Sites I had sharing Jesus (untainted by religion) in an inviting way__ I thought  when reflecting, that I might add some Jesus Inspirations  to this Web-Site.....   AND.....  make the Web-Pages so my visitors can "help themselves"  to what they are comfortable with.  Does that sound fine? 

I was gifted with Poetic Language recently in March (2012) on return from a small holiday
in the country 4 days and nights with my sister from interstate. I wanted some way of maintaining that nice nature-feel, knowing it would wear off and.....

                        Read more in my Tribute to Helen Steiner Rice

My Site Map will help you with your selection of Pages. Try it and See!

My Ethics on Poems

I've searched far and wide for some Nice Poems I could place on this Site in addition to mine.
Much of that experience was quite daunting and perhaps you know what I mean. The following
are my thoughts:

To me, poems should not be for moans and groans and only when blue
but for lifting one's spirit_ so life can become new.

We need to keep these things in mind when going to a Web-Site for Poems:
Are they saying "Have a wonderful Day"....OR....."Have an awful day?"
The way we are influenced is important.....what are the poems re-enforcing?
The Positive in us OR Negative.....The Happy OR Sad?

I would rather write poems of "cheerful fantasy" that lifts the readers....than "sad realities" that dampen.

Poems are for Relaxing and should impart Peace or Cheer to the readers. You won't find a sad poem on this's on the Net to spread happiness around!Why do some write poems of sadness and anger
for truly their is a danger
infecting ones mind
with a line in poor time
and possibly spoiling their day.

My friend in all that I can say_
in each poem that I've penned_
"Have a beautiful day"

You would spend some time guessing what poems come from my experience because  I place myself in the Hearts of Others - as it were-  in certain poems.....and also in certain Places....
like Nature and Fun Outings. What some would  call "sanctified imagination"
(life-giving, clean, up-lifting).


The  two previous Web-Sites__  Brighter Shores and Friends Meet.........I cancelled  when my Research work   required   much  commitment.  The  way  I  envision  this  Web-Site  should   be much   less demanding  (of my time)  and  reach  more  of an  Audience on the Net -  would  like
to spread some HAPPINESS ABOUT.

                                 JOIN ME IN THIS VENTURE...........CHEERS!


To Answer some people's Question__  I have no religious persuasion just simply Jesus.

After a search to find more poems to include with mine on this Site, I feel compelled to write__

Poems and songs are for beauty and uplifting
not for negativity and despair
There's some benefit in writing your feelings about situations
appreciate, they are not for another's view
but life giving words making one feel new
This would be uplifting indeed
when others my friend, might be in need.

Please do be careful what Poets and Artists are shaping your thoughts.....because
they will LIFT your hearts up or weigh them down. 


Do you love Jesus? If you do, you will like my other Inspirational Poems Web-Site
You will find some lovely Poems of a spiritual nature there and some Poems with depth I don't place on this Site  because I decided from the start that Inspirations for You would be for Light-natured content only for Everyone to Enjoy.