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Poems for Babies

Chubby Cheeks
Little fingers and bubbly toes
Chubby cheeks and that cute little nose
Clothed in blue, my baby boy
To me you bring laughter and joy
Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

Rosebud Lips
My cute little girl with rosebud lips
and as you take those little sips
of your nourishing milk
in your wrap of satin and silk
my heart is blessed by you
Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

My Beautiful Boy
Laughter and smiles fill the air
my beautiful child beyond compare
Cuddly toys for baby boys
all these things I do ENJOY!
Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

Baby Greetings
A new little baby
To love beyond measure
To add to your lives
More joys and more pleasure
And may each new year
Hold for Baby and you
The happy fulfillment
Of dreams that come true

Author Unknown

Celebrating a Baby Girl
_________ has a little girl
she will grow to dance and twirl
To her baby she will sing
when her little fingers cling
You have waited a long time
very soon the weather's fine
Spring will come, won't it be fun?
God has blessed and given rest.
Janet Vargas  ©  May  2013

Joyful Arrival
There’s nothing like a baby
To put new joy in life
And give each day new meaning
For a husband and a wife
That’s why it’s such a pleasure
To congratulate you two
And wish the best of everything
For baby and for you

Author Unknown

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Our Best Wishes
A baby’s one thing
the whole world adores,
And the best part of all
this one is yours!
A baby is sunshine and
moonbeams and more.
Brightening your world
as never before.

Author Unknown

Praise is Due
For all these things my praise is due
My sweet baby dressed in blue
Cute little toes in baby boots
Rosebud lips saying "I love you"
You are Wonderful, for giving me
a child like this.
Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

A Baby is a Miracle
This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We’d give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed

Author Unknown

Could'nt be Nicer!
This brings congratulations
And the warmest wishes too
Now that you have a brand new son
To share your life with you
For there’s nothing any nicer
Than a bouncing baby boy
To fill your home with happiness
And Your hearts with pride and joy

Author Unknown

Adorable Baby
Adorable baby,
cuddly and sweet.
Cute chubby hands,
and bubbly feet.

You're a beautiful,
bundle of joy.
Let's have some fun,
you choose the toy.

That little yawn means,
you need a nap.
Mommy will hold you,
in her arms she will wrap.

Once you wake up,
you'll be ready to go.
and your curious ways,
with tiny fingers you'll show.

In your baby language,
many stories you tell.
About that bouncy ball,
and that colorful bell.

Adorable baby,
cuddly and sweet.
Being around you,
is a wonderful treat.
Martin Dejnicki  ©

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Blessed with a Boy
________ is blessed with a sweet baby boy
what wonders to ENJOY
Each day in her care
her love he will share
She is BLESSED with a beautiful boy!

Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

Baby Girl with Curls
My baby girl
with cute little curls
My hair in her fingers
she would twirl.
I could all day linger
with her in play
She's such a blessing
that's all I can say.
In her company I'm resting
Then washing her clothes
in my new robe.
Janet Vargas  © May 2012

Find lovely Poems for Babies and Children Here....Inspirational.
A Girl and a Boy
Mye, Mye, we have twins!
With jubilant joy
we're full to the brim.
Our praises employ for a girl and a boy
What blessings are ours
We'll be busy for hours.

Janet Vargas  © May 2012

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Poems about Children

Playful Little-Tots
T hese little feet have learned to walk,
And now they’ve learned to run…
These little feet just love to dance,
They climb and have some fun…
These little feet don’t want to rest,
They only want to play…
These little feet are busy feet,
They’re on the go all day…

Author Unknown

Children at play
I see the little girls and boys
Playing with hearts full of joy
It's wonderful how they know such bliss
Such a sight I would not miss.
Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

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Venturous Children
Hippidy hop the children at play
Hippidy hop, bop-bop, bop-bop
They make me laugh at the wonderful sight
of their imaginations
They frolic here, they frolic there
without a single care
All at once, they come to a shout
excitement fills the air.

Then they're off to venture
a paddock next door__
over the logs and up the hill...
there to swing on tree branches.
It fills me with energy
to watch them there__
and my heart does thrill.
Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

4600311 s
Were You, Mom?

Mom, did you used to play
with kites and skipping rope?
Did you sometimes wash your hands,
forgetting about the soap?
Did you walk in squishy mud or like to play 
in the rain?
Did your mom say, "Eat your vegetables."
again, again, again?
Did your aunts and uncles kiss you?
Dis you wish that they would not?
Did you always mind your manners
and do what you were taught?
Did you run and jump and slide
or fall and scrape your knee?
Mom, were you ever really once a little 
kid  like me? 

Energetic Boys and Girls
Twiddle-dee, twiddle-dum
and how those kids can run!
They're sitting there in pairs
having a conference.
Then off to play like a bull at a gate
and energy charges the air!

They're hopping and skipping across a rope
then they're catching a ball.
Such active children are these__
they could fly on a flying trapeze.
I feel tired with excitement
and I go to sit down
upon my rocking chair.
Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

555773 out of the surf

Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams my darling, the day is done.
The moon is here to say goodnight to the sun.
Gather your blankets and climb into bed.
Close your eyes and lay down your head.
Rest for now with peaceful dreams,
Of twinkling stars and shining moon beams.
Sweet dreams my darling, sweet dreams
my love,
Sweet dreams my precious gift from above.
Shirley Love ©

A child on a swing
is a wonderful thing__
as they are lost in wonder.
Yes, in wonderment they would be.
Gliding through the air
with such ease
and without a single care.

The flowers nearby and a picnic rug
this morning I did prepare__
a picnic basket full of fruit
I plan to join her there.

She said, I saw a bird on a branch of a tree
it was looking at me, between the leaves
I saw it there__  a cute little bird.
To me__  she is so cute!
Janet Vargas  ©  April  2012

1164640 little girls running in field

God made the world
with its towering trees
Majestic mountains
and restless seas
Then paused and said,
"It needs one more thing
Someone to laugh and dance and sing
To walk in the woods and gather flowers
To commune with nature in quiet hours."
So God made little girls
With laughing eyes and bouncing curls
With joyful hearts and infectious smiles
Enchanting ways and feminine smiles,
And when He'd completed
the task He'd begun
He was pleased and proud
of the work He had done
For the world, when seen
through a little girl's eyes
Greatly resembles Paradise.
Betsey Clark©

Hair so fair, Eyes so blue,
GOD granted my wish, When
he gave me you ....
Hands so tiny stretched in the air
Like angel wings they reached for the
stars ....
Eyes twinkling like diamonds
Smile so sweet .... Dimples showing
At the slightest wink.
Now you are a woman, Bright as
can be .... All grown up and a wife to be
Love to you both and many years
of happiness.
Alexandria Morea©

"Still your little girl at heart......hey?

Baby Poems like Chubby Cheeks, Joyful Arrival, Roebud Lips, Praise is Due

Miracle of Life
Miracle of life, what a marvelous thing
how little birds chirp and bluebirds sing
Every time I hear a new born baby cry
or touch a leaf or see the sky
I just know why I believe.
I believe for every drop of rain that falls
a flower grows
I believe in a Creator God
His Glory shows
You see His Beauty in every rose
the stars across the great expanse
Yes I believe, I believe.

Words based on a Song   © Oct 2013

All the best to those with twins
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