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Welcome. On this Page are Christian Poems that have a certain language - shall we say?
Every interest in life  and relationship  has a  certain language, and with Jesus, it is no different - it is a personal relationship where you relate with Him intimately as if He were your spouse, parent  or  best friend.  And there are  many things  Jesus and  His Close Followers spoke of that may be new to some of you. Maybe that's alright, because you would get an inside glimpse - as it were - of what it's like to know Him.  And there might be a few challenges to those who have in some way mixed religion in their walk with Him, be it Mainline or Evangelical. Our walk with Jesus should be one of simplicity and vitality - would you not agree - rather than religious.

Definition of Religious: Laws, Rules & Regulations__ things that are added to a "walk with Jesus" where you lose the Simplicity and Freedom of a heart that's Set Free. Your image of Him becomes something different to how He likes it to be.

525 Morning Glories on Fence Stretch

Equip for each Day
His Words embrace you
and fully equip you
for the tasks of each day__
In His Presence you’ll find
the essence of all you need to be.
Only His Love on wings of a Dove
satisfies you and me.
Janet Vargas  © March 2012

Strength Triumphant
Strength for today is mine always
and all I have to do is follow
That is something I cannot borrow
I must fully trust in Him.
And in this life my victories win
of His Grace, I will sing__
It’s all because He Won Triumphant
even for me, just for me.
Janet Vargas  © March 2012

A Steady Pace
I have Faith to run the race
Keep me at a steady pace
Holy Spirit stay by my side
truly in Jesus I shall abide
Love's Sweet Song....
Janet Vargas  © Oct 2012

His Loving Favor
He gives me pleasures without measure
and fills me to the brim
His Grace, His Favor
I shall not waver
as I truly trust in Him.
New Grace to me He does impart
“Good Cheer” He brings to my heart
Strength for today is mine always
when in His Presence I stay.
All praise to You my Glorious Lord
I praise and worship You
This one thing I purpose to do
for You are Faithful and True.
Janet Vargas  © March 2012


Keep it Simple
You don't have to preach the Gospel in words
a smile is often the best someone has heard.
They've had all 'the experts' and different lurks.
If they choose to know more
don't make it a chore.
Just keep it simple
yes sweet and simple
and leave the rest to Jesus!
Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012

People want to see the Life__
that Jesus makes your day....

Living Letters
Gospel means Good News
that's really true,
reflected in me and you.
Let others SEE that Jesus Sets Free
they'll see it best in your life__
one that's cheerful and does not lie
one without sadness and strife.
Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012

Things were not complicated
when you found Jesus__
give people space to think.

Heavenly Longevity
Seek from ME pleasure
for I give without measure
Those who adore
I will give more
Truly I can satisfy
the heart that is fixed on ME.
In spiritual pleasure
and in leisure
our hearts will be in tune
And by this time next year my child
you will be in full bloom.
Janet Vargas  © March 2012

Glorious Father
Dear Glorious Father There is no other 
Who can compare with You 
It really is true__ 
You’re Majestic and Strong, 
so gentle You fill my heart with song 
You’re with me all day long.

Janet Vargas  © March 2012

Celebrate that Jesus Came
so we would not be the same
He gives Saving Grace.....

He is with me
My heart's blessed with a song__
He's been with me all along
His eyes watch over me
and lead me so I see
new Strength for each day
as I go my way
His Presence resides with me.
Janet Vargas  © April 2012

More like Jesus
To be like Jesus I would be
spreading Good News__
His Kingdom to see.
Spreading Good Cheer
wherever He went
Touching our love ones
we hold so dear
Blessing the children,
they jumped for Joy!
All these things Lord,
I would like to employ
just to be more like YOU.
Janet Vargas  © April 2012

The Comforter
Oh what comfort,
what blessed comfort
the Comforter has come
At my side from day to day
He joins me when I pray.
He makes me all victorious
when He’s in the lead.
I know that I can go to Him
when ever I’m in need.
By my side He shall reside
the Comforter has come.
Janet Vargas  © March 2012

                        Recent Photo by Janet

Walking with Jesus
I feel such pleasure and Peace
with Jesus of Gallilee
He walks with me along my side
and bids me to abide.
In My Presence you will find Joy
Yes Joy and gladness of heart
you'll feel so free
and be at ease
when you stay walking with Me.
Janet Vargas  © April 2012

The Lord makes all things work together for Good -
those we see and those we don't yet. As you Actively
believe this, He puts more things into effect. ©Janet

In the quiet of the day
In your presence I lay
in the quiet of the day
blessed by your Love that is True.
Yes, your presence Divine
is mine all the time__
but to share these moments with You
I relish for I love You.
Janet Vargas  © April 2012

Thankful Heart
Right from the start
He speaks to my heart
When in the morning I wake
throughout the hours__
he waits for me to take my daily break.
He gives me REST and I am blessed
to live for His Name’s sake.
Oh blessed Lord it is no chore
to come and worship You__
For all the little things You do
my heart is filled with thanks.
Janet Vargas  © March 2012

Needed Rest
He gives me repose when I am there
away in the cleft of the Rock
And there I’m sure He fully knows
those things on me to bestow.
When I am lost with Him in prayer
“not a worry, not a care”__
is my strength for being there.
  Janet Vargas  © March 2012

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