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Poems for Dads

Thank You Dad
Thank you for the laughter,
For the good times that we share,
Thanks for always listening,
For trying to be fair.
Thank you for your comfort,
When things are going bad,
Thank you for the shoulder,
To cry on when I'm sad.
This poem is a reminder that
All my life through,
I'll be thanking Heaven
For a Special Dad like you.

by Anonymous

Friendship With Dad
Not many people can say
they have a true friend
Someone that stands by your side
and shows devotion with no end
The person that encourages you
to reach for your dreams and goals
The one that understands the hardships
hidden deep within your soul
That person that stays up at night
When you need a listening ear
The only person in the world
that knows your deepest fear
That shoulder that you cry on 
When life doesn't go according to plan
They help you dust yourself off
and muscle the strength to stand
That person you can count on
When times are good and bad
Someone you're blessed with...
I call mine Dad!

by Tukesha Ware

Dear Dad
You mean so very much to me,
And I want you to know
That you are always in my heart,
No matter where I go.
You're always giving, always there
To help in any way;
The loving things you've done for me,
I never could repay.
I can't imagine what I'd do
Without the love you give.
I'll treasure your sweet heart of gold
As long as I shall live.

by Anonymous
Awesome Dad
When I think about my father,
and the years we've had to share
I'm thankful just to know
that his love is always there.
Through the crazy days of youth
and now that I'm "mature"
the special bond between us
is still strong and will endure.
And though he's growing older
he grows sweeter with each year
my "knight in shining armor,"
I'm so glad to have you here!

by Jill Lemming

My daddy taught me
My daddy taught me that we all are special
We all have our own faults yet we all still are special.
My daddy taught me to be brave
To feel the fear yet still be brave.
My daddy taught me to make the most of every moment
To make the best of the people you share moments with
To make lots of memories to create a past
In case in the future I am lonely
My daddy taught me to love
And love will comfort me.
~ Author Unknown

A Father Like You

I just want you to know
you mean the world to me
Only a heart as dear as yours
would give so unselfishly.
The many things you've done,
all the times that you were there,
Helps me know deep down inside
how much you really care.
Even though I might not say it,
I appreciate all you do
So richly blessed is how I feel
for having a father just like you.

by Anonymous


A father is a person who loves and respects you.
He is honest and he never neglects you.
He is the greatest that your eyes will ever see.
No other man like him will there ever be.

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Poems for Grandads

Walking with Grandpa
I like to walk with Grandpa,
His steps are short like mine.
He doesn't say "Now Hurry Up,"
He always takes his time.
I like to walk with Grandpa,
His eyes see thing like mine do -
Wee pebbles bright, a funny cloud,
Half hidden drops of dew.
Most people have to hurry,
They don't stop and see.
I'm glad that God made Grandpa,
Unrushed, and young like me.

~ by Thena Smith

A Beautiful Man
It's your birthday, you deserve a treat,
You're my grandpa, and you're very sweet.
Whatever you wish or simply desire,
Your kind words, always inspire.

Hope you're not worried, about your age,
You're just turning, another page.
Your journey has been, an exciting book,
Beautiful memories, through pictures we look.

Today we celebrate, your life that's been full,
Happy moments, naturally you pull.
Most importantly, we're here to share,
A beautiful man, with a heart that is rare.


No-one like Grandad
A Grandad is a person who is loving and kind, 
And he often can tell, what's on your mind. 
He's someone who listens, suggests, and defends 
A Granddad can be one, of your very best friends! 
He's proud of your triumphs, but when things
go wrong 
A Grandad can be patient and helpful and strong. 
In all that you do, Grandad’s love plays a part 
There's always a place for him deep in your heart
And each year that passes, you're even more glad
More grateful and proud, to call him Grandad.

Author Unknown

Love and Guidance
Your loving granddaughter thinking of you,
We are a team, our bond is like glue.
A few words, to show how I feel,
Straight from my heart, true and so real.

You have always, been there for me,
Supported me, like the roots of a tree.
Sometimes I caused you, worry and aches,
You pushed me to grow, with my mistakes.

Taught me to be honest, truth never mask,
You listen patiently, when questions I ask.
Thank you so much, for loving me,
Your love and guidance, has set me free.


A Special Time For You
My grandchild, this day
is a special time for you,
And it also means a lot
to those who love you, too
So, along with lots of love and pride
on this very special day,
Comes a wish that you’ll be blessed
in a very special way.

Author Unknown

Grandchild, On This Special Day
There’s always been a lot of pride
in every thought of you,
And on this special day,
that’s more than ever true
So this brings you warmest wishes
and a special heartfelt prayer
That God will always bless your life
and keep you in His care.

Author Unknown