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"Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun." - Kahlil Gibran

It's Springtime Soon
No more winter with the dross
sometimes then our hearts felt lost
We lift our thoughts to better days
soon it will be Spring__
The Poppies out, the blue birds sing
The sunlight shines on everything
Beautiful colors everywhere
Yes, soon it will be SPRING!
Janet Vargas  © April  2012

God in the Seasons
In Spring we are reminded
of the magnificence of Your creation,
as the earth is covered in verdant green,
with splendid splashes of color,
and we witness birth everywhere,
of animals bearing their young,
of buds turning into leaves and flowers
and our own moods being reborn
with renewed energy and life.

in Summer, we remember
the warmth of Your love for us
and the light of Your goodness.
Both are everywhere for those who look.
Thank You for butterflies,
birds and wildlife for us to enjoy,
water to swim in,
and weather that frees us to romp and play
while outdoor pleasures are at their peak.

In Fall, we thank you for Your cooling breezes,
that bring relief from the relentless summer heat.
We see bright colors fading and dying,
leaves turning brown, crisp, disintegrating,
only to be reborn next year,
reminding us that every living thing, including us,
must die in some way before being reborn.

                          Recent Photo by Janet
In Winter, as white snow blankets the ground,
we are reminded of Your purity and Your perfection.
The complexity and beauty of each single snowflake
only hints at Your transcendent intelligence and creativity.
We hunker down and snuggle in,
knowing this season will wind down
and Spring will reappear, as it always has
because You created an orderly, predictable universe,
not by chance, but from your flawless design.

Thank You for the seasons, Lord,
and everything in them
that You created for our enjoyment.


Summer Rain
The lustre on those leafy trees
after the summer rain
settles upon my soul with bliss
and says that all is well.

The flowers are shining oh so bright
with their colorful petals
The air is so clear, so pleasantly clear
it makes me smile again.

I love to go out walking sometimes
in the summer rain
It makes me want to laugh and sing
when it softly falls on me.
Janet Vargas ©  April 2012

“I love how summer just wraps it’s
arms around you like a warm blanket.”

Autumn leaves but Jesus Never!

Spring is almost here
No more Winter in two weeks
No more people feeling bleak
You've sent the Rain now send the Sun
The Flowers will grow and the Bees will hum
Birds will Tweet down every Street
And Happy little children's feet.
Janet Vargas  ©  Aug 2013

Spring is in the Air 
I hear the call of a verdant spring
beckoning me today,
and I hear the song of a happy lark
inviting me to play.

I see the fields awakening
with seedlings pushing through;
and I see the trees are greening
and bathing in the dew.

And overhead I see the sky
all blue and puffy white;
I see the sun come shining forth,
oh, what a sheer delight!

Oh, take my hand and come with me
along the country lane, the air is fresh, the sun is warm,
and the flowers bloom again!

We'll skip along like children do
when they haven't got a care,
and soon our own will disappear
'cause spring is in the air!
Ruth Gillis  ©

Spring Glories
When the rain is splashing down
On the fields and in the town
Singing winds begin to blow
And the flowers start to grow
How glad I am when I have seen
Those tender leaves of gentle green
They warm my heart and make it sing
For now I know at last it’s spring
Spring makes the world a happy place
You see a smile on every face
Flowers come out and birds arrive
Oh, isn’t it grand to be alive.

Author Unknown

IMG 0358                   This Photo was taken by my son

The Sensations of Summer
As I lay on the sand 
And look up at the sky
I can see the sun shining like a diamond up high
The whooshing waves wash endlessly upon the shore
These are the sensations of summer that I adore
Nothing could replace this moment
Not anything
I pick myself up
Step in to the sea
Forget all my thoughts so my mind is free
As all my troubles drift away from me
I go deeper into the rushing water, letting the waves take control
These are the sensations of summer that I adore. 
By Sibel  ©

Colors of Autumn
When shades of brown do mingle
With green upon the tree,
The work of God’s creation
Is there for all to see.

The greens, reds, yellows and browns of Autumn
Are colors upon the trees,
But the colorful leaves are a-changing
When dropping on areas previously clean.

HIS season of Autumn is beautiful
With colors magnificent to view,
The Artist’s palette of colors
Each year is displayed anew.
Johnathan Goldman ©

"Every spring is the only spring - a perpetual astonishment."    Ellis Peters

Morning in Spring
In the early morning light    
I see such sights__
Spring is bursting in the air  
flowers are budding everywhere
Yes, spring is full of joyful flowers
and warm refreshing showers.
Janet Vargas ©  May 2012



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