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Beautiful Inspirational Poems about God and Nature like Springtime Atmosphere, Todays Meditation among Sunlit Trees

God’s Cute little Creatures
He made the butterflies and bees
They fly in the air and look so free
Willy-wags and sparrows and tropical fish
Little turtles that walk on a dish.
He even made the lady-birds
Those cute little bugs that look like birds.
When you see them in the garden
You feel so blest and take a rest.
Janet Vargas   © June 2012

A Day of Refreshment
What a glorious day
I laugh and say
When I plan my day with You
One of adventure
And joyful pleasure
one with suprises too.
Walking with my Lord
In one accord__
These blessings come my way.
What a glorious day
What a heavenly day
When it is spent with You.
Janet Vargas   © March 2012

Care-Free Nature of Birds
Birds are unencumbered by care
as they fly in the air.
They neither toil or spin....
they store not in barns
but rest in His Arms....
Let us Rest our cares On Him.
Janet Vargas   © Nov 2012
Sunny Day
Clear blue skies on a sunny day
Autumn leaves, they toss and sway
The birds, they are joyfully singing
And to me__ laughter they’re bringing.
I love God’s excellent ways
For He knows they would be such pleasure
All these things on a sunny day.
Janet Vargas   © March 2012

Autumn Leaves
I stroll down the paths
That are pleasantly strewn
With autumn leaves that are new
When I step out my door
God’s invitation__
“Come and walk with me today”
The light it shines through
Pine trees beside the way
That I take to the glen.
The birds in the air, they fly with a flair
I hear them sing now and then.
Janet Vargas   © March 2012

Flowers and Sparrows
Dear little sparrows, sweet little sparrows
He knows every move they make
The way they flutter their wings and fly
and make a procession in the sky
to watch them is to laugh and sigh
oh what a beautiful day.
Are you not of much more value than they?
Said Jesus of Galilee
And the flowers of the field
Neither toil or spin
For their clothing in bright array.
Janet Vargas   © March 2012

Colors of a Rainbow
Pretty colors in the sky
The colors of a rainbow
On us His Grace He did bestow
A blessing for you and I
For we are blessed each time we see
Our hearts are filled with glee__
Those pretty colors in the sky
A token of Love from Above.
Janet Vargas   © May  2012

Starting each day in Prayer
I wait for morn
At the break of dawn
I start my day in prayer
When the songs of birds
Just fill the air!
And the flowers are out in bloom.
When my heart’s in tune
With You dear Lord
Your blessings come my way
I rise from my bed
Gently I am led
I venture into this day.
Janet Vargas   © March 2012

My Father’s Presence 
When I’m sitting by the waters clear
I think of You so very near
I hope this brings you much delight
that You are precious in my sight
I think of Your Peace in the nice cool breeze And Your Joy every time I rejoice!
Janet Vargas   © May 2012

Springtime Atmosphere
Beautiful flowers, they shine so bright
Sadness and sorrow are out of sight
Seems like they vanish in the light
The things that made our hearts uptight.
There’s rejoicing in the air
Voices singing everywhere
Not a worry, not a care
It’s Spring…Spring…Spring!
Janet Vargas   © March 2012

Today’s Meditation
In prayerful meditation
My heart’s in celebration
Of Your Heavenly Love for me
I see the sunlight through the trees
With their glistening leaves.
My soul takes flight
At this wonderful sight
Such blessings You send my way
I’m glad to have spent this time with You
Oh what a beautiful day.
Janet Vargas   © March 2012


Let your heart take wings
at the end of the day...

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