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Really Nice Inspirational Poems about Life with JESUS!
                       Wonderful Jesus

New Walk with Jesus
What glorious days are these
Now Jesus lives in me
He saved my soul
He makes me whole
And daily blesses me
Janet Vargas   © April 2012

Life with Jesus
Our days are fully numbered
not to die at a certain time
But He knows each day we live on this earth
And desires to share them with us.
When Jesus is part of each day
it gives meaning along life's way.
Our souls are blessed and we're at rest
And interests we ENJOY even more.
Janet Vargas   © April 2012

It's True, It's True
We're not meant to feel sorry for Jesus
Who came to Free us
He died on the Cross
so we would not suffer loss.
For the Joy that was before Him
(He could see us come to Him)
He took the anguish and the pain
so we would have ALL to gain__
this Jesus of Galilee
Who came to set us Free.
He takes any guilt or sense of shame
to give you a song of sweet refrain
Life Abundant and not redundant
He has for you and this is TRUE.
Janet Vargas   © Nov 23rd 2012
Room for More
Life without measure
He gives in His pleasure
Salvation full and free
I opened the door
for there's room for more
in this benevolent Heart of His.
He calls to each one
that the work is done
you have only to trust in Me.
"What work" I said
"What work is this?"
At Calvary, I died in your place
to give you right standing by Grace.
"What standing is this__
what standing by Grace?"
It's just like you never sinned
your offenses washed away
before a Holy God, that's true
You're precious and I Love You!
Janet Vargas   © April 2012

You’ve Won me Jesus
There’s no more confusion
I have Your Words
The most precious words I have ever heard.
free from religion they’re words of LIFE
backed up by Your Life and sacrifice.
You went there with Joy that was before You
You endured the shame my soul to reclaim
When I opened my heart and let You in
You filled me completely to the brim.
You’ve won me Jesus, You’ve won me twice
on the Cross my Salvation
and my heart fully lies
in Your embrace
a sweet solace
since my heart is in yours a perfect place.
To live on this Earth
that I’m in from my birth
I’ve left bondage completely
I’m found in YOU.
  Janet Vargas   © May 2012

Really Nice Inspirational Poems about Life with JESUS!
It's Jesus,Not Religion
Jesus is Life, not religion I don’t know
how people got the two mixed up
Jesus invited us to feast and sup….
Life Abundant and to be on the way up.
To rejoice that He’s Coming day by day
and to live afresh in His Life giving Way
Not have to say often “Lord give me a break”So to live truly for Jesus’ sake is to say
at night blessed memories He makes.
“Life’s what you make it” that’s what they say Explore this Life, a bright new way__
when He’s in your days you can sing like a lark but that’s not only to play a harp.
Life’s an adventure, that is true
not religious__ yes sing a new tune.
If Jesus does not improve your day__
Then where’s His Promise
“A New Living Way?”
That’s not religious but one that’s real
the one with His Blessing wears His Seal.
Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012

Hi Ruth
your presence blessed
me like a ROSE......
Pleasantly Blessed
Under my blankets at night__
so cosy I would be__
I look through my window at the stars
The moonlight resting there_
I ponder my days activities
when I went for a walk
I thank you God and I praise You
for all these comforts of mine.
You've blessed my day
You've blessed my night
I'm precious in Your sight.
Janet Vargas   © April 2012

Living_ with Jesus
I don’t have religion, I have joy
all Your praises to employ.
I thank you Jesus for giving me
a better life and liberty.
You saw my quest for happiness
then Your Love was manifest
You gave me life and You gave me joy
I would not spoil it for anything.
Why should I want to add to You
where would I find
and what would I choose
All the blessings I’ve found with You
in You I find my everything.
You’re my contentment
You are my PEACE
You’ve given to me sweet release
from the stresses of life
and this world of strife
In You I find Perfect Peace.
I look to You in all my needs
I know You provide
and I’m at ease
If there is something I’ve learnt from You
I’ve only to come, I can count on You.
If there is a tempest
You’re at the helm
oft he ship that I’m on
in this earthly realm.
You guide me to safety
You steer a straight course.
I live in Your Triumphs
You make me FREE.
You’re my satisfaction
and liberty
Why would I trade this for anything?
worldly bondage, religious laws?
You’ve guided me surely to New Shores.
Janet Vargas   © May 2012
The Real Jesus relates to us in ways
that are Relevant to our daily lives...

Perfect Liberty
I wanted to keep my feet on the ground
now my feet are on higher ground
You gave me a sense of direction and more
my sense of worth You fully restored.
When I was a child I had faith to leap
without thought or care of my balance to keep.
When I was young I’d set out for adventure
now I seek once more to venture.
You gave to me the power of CHOICE
now in these things my soul does REJOICE.
You’ve given to me a platform for life
Joy, Peace and Love
That come from above.
Your victories triumphant are mine to apply
To life situations, I do more than get by
You gave to me such liberty
Now,with such blessing I am free.
  Janet Vargas   © May 2012
Really Nice Inspirational Poems about Life with JESUS!
It’s Nice to be Free
Freedom to be just what I am
You have for me such perfect plans
Of things that suit me
And make me to be
Confident and free to express
Truly I would not settle for less
Than Jesus' very best.
You give me freedom to change
And to see a vision for change.
Things that hinder I’d not want to linger
So I can adapt to new things.
Sometimes new talents are waiting for me
Waiting for my discovery
Janet Vargas   © May 2012

Joy in Your Presence
I’m of good cheer when you’re near
To me it is so clear__
There’s Joy in Your Presence
You are the essence
of happiness and good cheer. 
You come to me joyfully
And fill my heart with song
You bless me plenteously
In Your Presence I feel so free. 
Janet Vargas   © May 2012
A Prayer of Thanks
Thank you, God, for the beauty
Around me everywhere,
The gentle rain and glistening dew,
The sunshine and the air,
The joyous gift of feeling the soul’ssoft,
Whispering voice
That speaks to me from deep within
And makes my heart REJOICE.
Helen Steiner Rice ©
Really Nice Inspirational Poems about Life with JESUS!
Jesus: Friend of Friends
Jesus is the Friend of Friends
His Love will be with you to the end
He sits in empathy by your side
He lifts your heart to where He resides
He Loves you so much more than you know
And on your life, His Grace He'll bestow.
Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012