Bringing Inspirations Your Way - to brighten your day....
May the God of Hope fill you with all JOY and PEACE in believing.   

Now abides Faith, Hope and Love....the greatest is LOVE.       

REJOICE in Jesus Always with gladness of heart - He is Coming Soon!

Let His Words dwell in you richly and fill your heart with songs.

Most of the inspiration on LOVE, JOY and PEACE on this earth  is found in Jesus as with Hope__ so I feel I must cover those things as most people are after them, searching in some way.  

A Peace and Joy
God does not promise us
that life would be easy
but that life could be Good.
Jesus said, "My Peace I give you...
not like the peace of this world"
but one you can carry in your heart__
one that would bring you a brand new start
and bring such Joy in your life.
Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012

At my Best
I'm at my best
when I'm at Rest
with my Heavenly Father.
Joy, real JOY
He gives to me
when His Praises I employ.
I'm planning my day with Him in mind
This day will have PEACE and JOY!
Janet Vargas   © April 2012

Heavenly Harmony
Heavenly Harmony is in my heart today.
In His Presence Divine
things work out in perfect time
truly I feel just fine.
Spending time with the Father
there is LAUGHTER
and Blessings to fill my day.
Janet Vargas   © April 2012

The Measure of Love

God measures our love by the size of our heart
for it grows as we love Him each day
And it grows by the way that we love Him in others
we meet as we follow His way.
Margaret Peterson ©

Prayer at Night
In your Presence I want to linger
through the gentle hush of the night
when there's not a care or task in sight.
A time for reflection of Your blessed Face
Sadness or anger can't be traced
just LOVE and PEACE.
Janet Vargas©  Sept 2012

Life with Jesus
Our days are fully numbered
not to die at a certain time
But He knows each day we live on this earth
And desires to share them with us.
When Jesus is part of each day
it gives meaning along life's way.
Our souls are blessed and we're at rest
 interests we ENJOY even more.
Janet Vargas   © April 2012

Ardent Love of Jesus
Not everyone finds romance in this life
But Jesus, the Lover of Lovers
comes to greet you with Arms outstretched
saying "I'll be with you in this life and the next.
I Truly Love you....I'll make life New
our hearts will be in tune__
entwined together, never to sever."

Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012

He's the Lover of our Souls
Single or Married.

Allowed to be Jovial
One can feel Jovial
when Jesus' Presence is near
He desires you not to be sombre
but to fill your heart with Cheer.
His Sacrifice was to make a Way
to bring Heaven into your soul__
And do remember that He Rose Again
so He could make you Whole.
Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012

Room for Laughter
There's room for Laughter
when God is your Father...
He gave us a Savior
for that is His Nature
To Cheer and to Bless
and give us Rest
Beauty untold is
for us to unfold
in His Presence so dear
when Christ is near.

Janet Vargas   © April 2012

Let Joybells Ring
Let the Joybells Ring
yes Laugh and Sing
that Jesus is Risen Today
No longer in the Cross or Grave
let Him Rise in your hearts and lives
Victory is yours_ yes laugh and sing
Let those Joybells Ring!

Janet Vargas  © Dec 2012

The Love, Joy and Peace that come from Jesus are often more  sustainable  than we find in this world. Add them to our world and one can live a Brighter existence with a Settled heart.....only dependent on how we Appreciate and Savor His Presence, like any true's the same with Him. He's not out to stifle our lives but to add Life to our lives. Aware of these things,
I just had to add this page today!  (22nd October 2012)

Inspirations for You commenced early in April 2012. There has been considerabl e interest
in pages of a light spiritual nature, so that is why I am including more now.