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Morning Poems

Sun Blessed Morning
The sun does spill on every flower
the nectar and the dew
On this a blessed morning
created for me and you.
I’m resting here on my rocking chair
basking in the nice warm air
This is a morning of pure delight
I’m precious in His sight.
Janet Vargas©  May 2012

His Likeness Shines Forth
In everything both great and small
We see the Hand of God in all,
And every day, some-where, some-place,
We see the likeness of His Face.
For who can watch a new day's birth
Or touch the warm, life giving Earth
Or feel the softness of a breeze
Or look at skies through lacy trees
And say they've never seen His Face
Or looked upon His throne of Grace
And man's search for God will end and begin
When he opens his heart to let Christ in.
Helen Steiner Rice   ©

Early Morn 
Each day I watch the sun come up
From o’er the clouded glen,
I listen to the world awake 
And wonder where I’ve been.

To miss the beauty of the morn,
To see the earth arise
To look at all her colors spread
When e’er she opens her eyes.

To see the land and sky rebound
From the crystal lake,
To hear the birds like trumpets sound
When in the morn I wake. 
 Stephen Pray   ©

On my Veranda
The sun, it shines upon my soul
Making me feel so whole
I feel it’s gentle warmth within
as I rest there in my chair.
Some birds are singing in the park
It is a pleasant time
In the mornings on my veranda
I am blessed with this atmosphere.
Janet Vargas©  April  2012

Breakfast for the soul
I meet God in the morning and go with Him through the day
Then in the stillness of the night
before sleep comes I pray
That God will just take over all the problems I
could not solve,
And in the peacefulness of sleep my cares would all dissolve.
So when I open up my eyes to greet another day
I'll find myself renewed in strength and there will
open up a way
To meet what seemed impossible for me to
solve alone,
And once again I'll be assured
I am never on my own.
Helen Steiner Rice   ©

Oh, how sweet the music of the birds
That chirp and sing in early morn.
They make a melody without words
And make me glad I was born.
Let's all sing as the birds sing
And make a glad noise.
Let our happy voices ring
And tell of our many joys.
If one bird falls upon the ground
The one who created it knows.
Wings He gives them to fly around
Seeds and berries for them grows.
If so much for a bird, He cares
He cares more for you and me.
We know He hears our prayers
Our troubles He can surely see.
Each time you begin to hear
The sweet music of the birds.
You can know that God is near
And speaks to us without words.
Norma Jean Duncan, Princeton, WV

Morning Glory
The sun breaks through the eastern sky 
Peeping through the soft fleecy clouds 
It stifles a yawn and gently simpers 
Then blows a kiss to the sleeping world

The somnolent mountains spring to life
Like the dainty flowers in bloom 
Little birds perched on tree branches 
Chirp in unison to greet the royal sun

The sweet scent of red rose blossoms 
Fill the morning air with heavenly perfume 
While bees hum seductive tunes to the flowers
As they flap their wings with the butterflies

The sun gives a lazy wave of greeting
As I walk through the little heaven
Anticipation consumes my senses
As nature unfolds its pristine masterpiece
Rachelle Arlin Credo  ©

Morning in Spring
In the early morning light    
I see such sights__
Spring is bursting in the air  
flowers are budding everywhere
Yes, spring is full of joyful flowers
and warm refreshing showers.
Janet Vargas©  May 2012

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Evening Poems

The Richest Gifts
The richest gifts are God's to give
As long as you live may you walk with Him
And dwell in His Love
As He sends you good gifts
From Heaven Above
Helen Steiner Rice   ©

Evening Hours
T he dusk has little gateways
That lead to pleasant homes
Enveloped in the soft light
Before the darkness comes.

Each home is in a garden
Alight with vivid blooms,
And there are fragrant posies
In all the restful rooms.

They are so cool and quiet,
After the hectic day,
After the crowded hours
That rush us on our way.

They are the little havens
Where we may turn to sit
And rest us in a leisure
The day could not permit.
Ella C. Forbes  ©

Lovely Bed!
It’s night, beautiful night
after a busy day__
Under the covers
there is no other
thing that I have to do.
I’ll drift into slumber
beneath those covers__
into the quite of night.
Janet Vargas©  June 2012

Autumn Night
Birds are singing their songs at night
in the breeze of the trees__
the ones with the rustling leaves.
I hear them singing their melodies
so pretty and pleasant by the eaves__
Of my front porch
with a gently lit torch
On this pleasant autumn night.
Janet Vargas©  June 2012

Summer Breeze
Those sweet fragrant flowers
I could smell for hours
they’re perfumed to my delight.
The fragrance is best
nearby where I rest
on my sofa before it’s night.
Janet Vargas©  May 2012

Pleasantly Blessed
Under my blankets at night__
So cosy I would be__
I look through my window at the stars
The moonlight resting there__
I ponder my day’s activities
When I went out for a walk__
I thank you God and I praise You
For all those comforts of mine__
You’ve blessed my day
You’ve blessed my night
I’m precious in Your sight.
Janet Vargas©  April 2012

Sweet Dreams 
You look tired,
you need some rest,
A good night’s sleep,
is often best. I wish you a deep
and truly sweet dream,
With a waterfall,
and a gentle stream.
Comfy white pillow,
and your warm soft sheet,
Will feel like heaven,
it’s surely a treat.
Hope you sleep,
in total piece,
All your concerns,
your mind shall release.
In the morning,
when you wake,
You’ll be ready,
to dance and shake. 
Martin Dejnicki  ©

The Fragrance remains
There's an old Chinese proverb
that if practiced each day
Would change the world in a wonderful way
It's truth is so simple it's easy to do,
It works every time and successfully too.
For you can't do a kindness without a reward  
Not  in  silver  or  gold  but  in  the  Joy  of  
The Lord.
You can't light a candle to show others the way
Without feeling the warmth of that bright little ray,
And you can't pick a rose all fragrant with dew
Without part of it's fragrance remaining on you.
Helen Steiner Rice   ©

Lord tell me now of gentle things,
Your tender love and care.
Of quiet times to rest my soul,
These precious moments rare.
Are like a lily sweet and pure,
It's tender leaves unfold.
It gives a fragrance like to God
When Your own love is told.
Evelyn Idelle Drewer Joy

Prayer at Night
In your Presence I want to linger
through the gentle hush of the night
when there's not a care or task in sight.
A time for reflection of Your blessed Face
Sadness or anger can't be traced
just LOVE and PEACE.
Janet Vargas©  Sept 2012

Enfolded in His Love
The Love of God Surrounds us
Like the air we breathe around us__
As near as a heartbeat, as close as a prayer,
And whenever we need Him, His always there!
Helen Steiner Rice   ©

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