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Robin in Green Grass

Surrounded by  Nature

A Lake in the Hills
The waters are calm and bright
in the glorious sunlight
Among the trees
I feel the breeze
on this beautiful day.

I see a wild flower or two
makes me feel like taking off my shoes.
There are more dainty flowers that are in view__
colorful flowers, not afar off.

On this splendid day
I'm so glad that I came
to be by the lake in the hills.
Janet Vargas  © April  2012

Rest in the Valley
In the Valleys are carpets of flowers
I go to nestle there
With me I take a picnic lunch
cheese and crackers and fresh fruit
I'm thinking of staying a while.
When the sun shines over the valley
the air is clear and calm.
The skies are blue with white fluffy clouds
I love this glorious place!

A place to rest a while__
to replenish your joy and peace.
I feel so at ease, as I'm sitting there
and sometimes I even lay down.
Janet Vargas  © April  2012

That Beautiful Sea
Suddenly, I feel young and free
when walking by the sea
It's beckoning me to come again
of that peace I know no end
Yes truly the sea is my best friend.

When I walk along those shores
my heart longs for even more.
What a wonderful sight
I feel so light__
when I walk by that beautiful sea.
Janet Vargas  © April  2012

High on a Mountain
On the mountain high
I see such sights
from those glorious heights.
I see the valleys decked with flowers__
one is yellow with daises__
and the other is red with poppies.
They are spread like a beautiful carpet.

I see the eagles spread their wings
as they fly in the air.
All this beauty rare__
when I'm on the mountain up there.
Janet Vargas  © April  2012

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Nature is Wonderful

This Day Like Heaven
The day is becoming soft and warm.
A light mist blows, as the pebbles beneath my feet are slightly cold.
A slight breeze whispers though the tall oak,
causing the leaves and the tall grass to sway in a rhythmic dance with the sun.
the sun is a brilliant orange and purple as it fades into the horizon.
I know the warm moisture in the air will soon dissipate into the day.
The birds are sweetly singing in a harmonic beauty.
Singing collectively, these wonderful creatures tell me they are just as much in love with the morning as I am.
The pathway is like a wave of serenity overflowing in my very soul.
it is so peaceful here.
As I take my time breathing deeply into a stress free dreamlike land.
my face floods with sunshine.
just absorbing every moment.
The intoxicating fragrance of the large mossy oaks
and vibrantly green and grassy forest give off an aroma incomparable to any perfume.
just  close off  the world,
shut out the noise,
and open your senses.
Melissa Ann Korn   ©

Ibis in the Park
The ibis in the park
are such a beautiful sight
They wander here and  wander there
They are so pretty in flight.
For this reason I go to the park
It is so peaceful I could sing like a lark.
I have my lunch there at a quaint cafe...
all of this I would have to say
makes such a beautiful day.
Janet Vargas  © April  2012

Flight of the Eagle
There's something regal about the eagle
as it spreads it's wings in flight
It glides in the air with such a flare
I think, oh what a marvelous sight!
It takes off from a branch of a tree
high upon a hill__
when it looks so still
my heart does thrill
What a wonder for me to see.
High in the air it does fly
flying for all to see.
Then it lands on the branch from whence it came_
and I'm just filled with glee!
Janet Vargas  © April  2012

Little Bees
The cutest little honey bees
they go from flower to flower
They linger here and linger there
these moments make you sigh and stare
Such a delicate sight
Then they take their flight
They're busy little bees
Janet Vargas  © May 2012