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I will have some Inspirational Writings on this Page in PDF's for those who are interested.
I was going to preach some years ago in seminars but like to be out mixing among people one to one, conversing naturally. I've found my niche On-line.
I felt some years ago Jesus impressing on me that  I would be Uplifting people one day.....I had no idea this would take place through Inspirational Poems with beautiful pictures!
The PDFs will be the same and similar to those I had on my Brighter Shores Web-Site......having spiritually light content with a little depth that together with the Poems on this Site should be refreshing to most.
Life Poem - One's Day.
Did you know that starting the day on a positive note
makes a difference to your day?
Especially within 10 minutes of waking
try it__ that's what I say.
Did you know that the words you speak
are like a rudder of a ship
they can weigh you down immensely
or give your spirit a lift?
Did you know there's something about a laugh
of it's benefits we can play a part
It can reduce your stress levels
and even strengthen your heart?
A simple song and melody
can fill your heart with glee
Melodic Notes and words you wrote
were such a blessing to me.
A word in prayer to Him whose there
a word of thanks and praise__
is comforting and uplifting
adding substance to your day.
Have faith in yourself, have faith in God
together, they are a Measuring Rod
on this Earthly sod.
Act in faith and live with faith__
simple trust is what I must
and see what they do for me.
I will not contend for my will and my way
but take an interest in others
treating them like they're my sisters and brothers
and God will take care of me.
For these are the ways that make for Peace
and in my spirit sweet release
I am Blest and my heart is at Rest
the essence of LIFE to me.
If I would choose Life
to Love and be loved
His pleasure I will see__
for His River flows
through the Law of Love
and is such a Blessing for me.
Yes, try these things
and you will find
they bring you Peace of Mind
hours spent without relent
and Happpiness to your day!
Janet Vargas © 4th June 2012
Written especially for this Page
To Find JESUS is to Find LIFE! 
To find Jesus is to find LIFE....not Eternal Life only, but life here and now.... to find meaning and True Values  because He adds  new substance and a new dimension  to living here and now on this have a new sense of purpose to fill your days and a destiny where  you'll be on the consummation of them - an experience that is anticipated  with delight and gladness of heart.  For now, there is peace of mind  from the Prince of Peace and a Joy that does not rely on ideal and happy circumstances....your emotions  become more settled and  anchored...more confidence in your steps and decisions - when you welcome His Presence daily.  And life with Jesus is like a garden you tend to and look forward to being in every my new garden on my front verandah with pretty plants in pots and herbs in small raised beds....and the view of nice landscaped Native Australian shrubs in the background. I like to visit my plants 1st thing of the day and later in the evening....That's what it's like with's a relationship we cultivate and treasure each day, like any meaningful relationship we it stays fresh. And Jesus is not a religion to be endured but a personal relationship to be ENJOYED!
Added on 18th Dec 2012
A Favorite Bible Verse that Inspires Me!
Phil 4:8  is my favorite verse:   "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things."  Because that is the best pattern for speaks about having a Christ awareness .....appreciation of nature... the qualities and giftings in speaks of renewing your mind consistently.....loving His Words of Life..... having right attitudes and healthy thoughts and company.....being creative .......having a desire for progress.
Added on 18th Dec 2012
Take your Lead
Take your Lead with JESUS:
Begin to walk your walk with Him..... Live your life in Him..... Discover your God-Given potential..... and....there's no-one's Faith like yours in HIS EYES!
Do you know that Jesus fore-mostly wants to walk with You and often we lose sight of that, not only in a busy world but with church affiliations....... where it's them and you much of the time - all those people  out the front  who lead  the music  and  preach and teach - and  their  expectations  of you? Keeping up with all this_ the communication between Jesus and You is not the same as it could be: not so special, not so intimate.....and often, you do everything the church's way.......decisions are made to fit into that mode. In a sense, the church does your thinking for you - shall we say? 
The Scripture says that each one will know their God and no-one will have to tell them to "know The Lord" from the least to the greatest.
10th October 2013
Choosing how we Live Today
This means  taking the Initiative  to decide  what goes  into each day  rather than coasting along putting up with everything that comes your way. Some people put more into a day than others by choice. You can choose what goes into a day that makes for more quality in a day and how you live it. If practiced every day, this will make for a better quality of life for you and your love ones too because they will benefit as well.
Some people put more effort into life than others and this often determines our out-come in life.....a week or a year. Those  with  certain  personality  types  or upbringing have more motivation and choices can come more natural to them.... the rest of us need to reach a place of awareness and put a considerable amount of effort into it. Mind-sets need to be renewed and habits need to change in order for us to live a better  quality life too.  We can  achieve this  when  we have  "Christ in us the Hope of Glory" and "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us"__ He can impart strength for this task in such a way that turns out for His Glory because "God Moves in our moving" better than when we are stationary.
10th October 2013

A Good Way to Live

Take captive negative thoughts that come to mind
And bring your thoughts into line
Don’t let them escape through your mouth
but voice the promises of God out loud
He watches over His words to perform them
Listen to God, let Him be your Friend.
The angels hearken to His words
They work with God on your behalf
This is something I have learned
When you’re resting on His staff.
Let not the negative dominate
Look to His Words for Jesus sake
He said if His Words abide in you
You become His friend and this is true.
When you’re leaning on the promises of a Mighty God
Your heart is lighter on this earthly sod
Leaning is to rest all your weight
Look to Him, His ways are Great.

14th April 2015

Change your Day!

Negative thoughts make you think you don't have anything
think of the good things and be thankful for everything__
moments of peace and rest, a comfy bed and times you've been blessed;
kind and polite gestures and moments you treasure;
laughs and smiles, times you could walk for miles;
the air is so fresh or pleasantly warm;
visions of beauty when a new day has dawned.
If you think of these things, such peace they will bring
maybe you'll start to laugh and sing.

27th June 2014

Equip yourself each Day

Be equipped for each day when it starts__
Put on your happy mode when you dress;
think of the good things and you will be blessed;
a sense of humor to keep you bright;
keep your eyes on God, don't let Him out of your sight.
These days would not be easy, Jesus said
seek to be of His spirit led.
His Words will bring Strength to be there for the length.
Rest in His Presence at the end of each day
this will give you Peace along life's way.

27th June 2014

The Wisdom of God

God works in His will and way
not to our limited understanding.
Being a genuine parent
means that you can say no sometimes
and still love that child...
"I don't see the benefit in it for you
and I actually know better".

Sheree 2013

Yet at the same time, He is a prayer answering God
and delights to say "Yes" often when we ask in Faith
having an expectation it's on it's way.
In fact, Jesus says "when you pray, believe that
you have received and it shall be given to you"
In other words, have positive expectations in God
and His benevolence
but understand also that, He is not a convenience
He wants to relate with you!

Janet 2015

Are First Impressions Always Right?

Sometimes those people we don’t think of are the very people who can change our perception of life. They can cause us to enjoy a richer experience. When we get to know them, we see certain qualities. People are often gems in disguise – some with rough edges and we tend to go by the outward.  But if you look more closely_ sometimes you will find an indication that there’s more to that person. In fact, some people are a package in disguise_ a whole lot of good things, intriguing or interesting. You will be so glad you come to know them. The secret is in relating rather than limiting those you choose to communicate with. YES indeed! That is the better reality than first impressions often. Try it and see. And who knows? You could be the very one who causes someone to blossom.

Sheree and Janet 30th Jan 2015

“God does not do everything for us. He will take His turn when we take ours but He will not take our turn”

Our destination will never just come to us and announce it’s arrival – even in God – He will play His part if we play ours. Life can be a series of His Steps and Ours – like a dance. As we become closely acquainted with Him, we will know when to step and when not to. Sometimes it’s His turn not ours and sometimes it’s our turn, not His. If we are close to His Heart, we will know the difference.  JV

That says to me that God works in us and He wants us to show that we have understand the work, the teachings or enabling He has given us. He guides and encourages us....we then have to reflect that we have learned what He has been trying to teach us or show us or help us with. And so, I think that's absolutely correct....He does not take
our turn - He wants us to move closer to the person He created us to be and in order for us to do that,
we need to take our turn.
We have to acknowledge our part....the blossom of life. And we can also reflect this to others. That is'nt saying that God can't do all the work for you.....He can help and encourage and advise you but you are the one who has to apply it. He wants us to go out (from that time of prayer) and choose how it's going to work out, how it's going to work for it's going to apply to your He is leading you to do things. Yes God won't take your turn because He wants you to move closer to Him so that He can move you even closer to Him. He is with you to help and motivate you to make those steps and push you to do need to take those steps to be closer.  SH

He is the source of all comfort like a mother is with a child but He also has the wisdom to cause us to grow
like a father who likes to see progress. We need both of these attributes in our experience.  JV

Sheree and Janet 14th Feb 2015



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