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Since I found You
The skies are clearer
and life so much dearer
since I've given my heart to You
You have set me Free
gave me tranquility
now I'm in tune with You
who could want for more
truly it is no chore
living this life with You.
Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012

A Blessed Hope
I have a blessed hope
one that does not rely on dope.
Each day I rise
I would find a suprise
His Love comes on Wings of a Dove.
There is such pleasure and Joy
that I truly ENJOY__
His Presence is near
and I'm filled with Cheer
My heart breaks out in Song!
Janet Vargas   © March  2012

In the Morning
He showed the way
to the break of day
He gave me Strength all the way.
A Song through the night
led me to the Light
and now such Blessing, I'm Free.
A New Horizon now for me
in the skies I could fly...
Truly justice did not die
A New Day has come my way.
Janet Vargas   © May  2012

The Savior's Love
Heaven's Shores
who could want for more?
A Glorious Paradise
Won for me by Sacrifice...
The Snow Capped Mountains
decked with ice__
could not compare to His Love for me.
For there He Came, the Lofty One
(to be humble like you and me)
but oh such death, His death on the Cross
so your soul would not suffer loss.
He took our place and suffered disgrace
so His Glory we may see.
And in this life we have on Earth__
to live it more abundantly...
Jesus said, "If My Words abide in you,
you have only to ask of Me."
Janet Vargas   © March  2012

To Walk with Jesus
Jesus, You're not a burden
You made us not to be heavily laden
with the cares of this life
and endless sermons...
You desire a walk with us,
one of simplicity__
where You relate to us
and we relate to You.
Life becomes such a BLESSING!
Janet Vargas  © April 2012

A Peace and Joy
God does not promise us
that life would be easy
but that life could be Good.
Jesus said, "My Peace I give you...
not like the peace of this world"
but one you can carry in your heart__
one that would bring you a brand new start
and bring such Joy in your life.
Janet Vargas   © Oct  2012

Jesus Set me Free
I could run like the wind
He set me Free from sin
all my Victories to Win.
I was in despair
I was filled with cares
Now Jesus has set Me Free!
Janet Vargas  © April 2012

Jesus Saved even Me
I desired of The Lord
what He did for you,
He would do for me.
How He Saved your soul
blessed and made you whole
setting you Gloriously Free.
Now He did for me
what He did for you
Now I am with Him too!
Janet Vargas  © April 2012

Testimonies would be incomplete without Invitations
and that's between you and Him... 6 months later, I feel
I cannot deny you a page like this!

Daily Strength
Oh what a Savior in Loving Favor
He shows me His Love day by day
I find He resides right by my side
eager to Cheer and to Bless.
At Calvary He gave ALL His Best
in that I truly find Rest.
He Saves my soul
daily makes me whole
in that I do find Zest.
Janet Vargas   © March  2012

Room for More
Life without measure
He gives in His pleasure
Salvation full and free
I opened the door
for there's room for more
in this benevolent Heart of His.

He calls to each one
that the work is done
you have only to trust in Me.
"What work" I said
"What work is this?"
At Calvary, I died in your place
to give you right standing by Grace.

"What standing is this__
what standing by Grace?"
It's just like you never sinned
your offenses washed away
before a Holy God, that's true
You're precious and I Love You!
Janet Vargas   © April 2012

You’ve Won me Jesus
There’s no more confusion
I have Your Words
The most precious words I have ever heard.
free from religion they’re words of LIFE
backed up by Your Life and sacrifice.
You went there with Joy that was before You
You endured the shame my soul to reclaim
When I opened my heart and let You in
You filled me completely to the brim.
You’ve won me Jesus, You’ve won me twice
on the Cross my Salvation
and my heart fully lies
in Your embrace
a sweet solace
since my heart is in yours a perfect place.
To live on this Earth
that I’m in from my birth
I’ve left bondage completely
I’m found in YOU.
  Janet Vargas   © May 2012

Since you Spoke to Me
Oh the Grace and Cheer
lingers on my ears
since you spoke to me of His Love
How He came to you
on the Wings of a Dove__
and filled you with His Love.

Of Salvation, I did not know
but your Testimony, it did show
of His Excellent Love for me__
how He died on that tree
just to make Me Free
My heart is all AGLOW.
Janet Vargas  © April 2012

Perfect Liberty
I wanted to keep my feet on the ground
now my feet are on higher ground......
You gave me a sense of Direction and More
my sense of worth You fully Restored.
When I was a child I had faith to leap
without thought or care of my balance to keep.
When I was young, I set out for adventure....
now I seek once more to venture.
You gave to me the power of choice
Now, in these things my soul does REJOICE!

You've given to me a pattern for Life
Joy, Peace and Love
that comes from Above.
Your Victories Triumphant are mine to apply
to life's situations
I do more than get by.
You give to me such Liberty
Now, with such Blessing
I am FREE.
Janet Vargas  © May 2012

A Song Jesus gave me
when I first found Him

If you wonder is it Possible
to have a little Peace
Just come along to Jesus
and He will show the way.
You'd be suprised what He can do
for any one of you__
If you come along to Jesus
He will show you right now.

Now let me tell you friends of mine
it does'nt take much time__
Ask Him to Save your seeking soul
for what you've done to Him__
And you will find Him Merciful
and instantly concerned__
with your welfare on this Earth friends
and your welfare EVERMORE!

I was'nt the least bit interested in Christ or
Christianity before an encounter with His
Presence one night at home.