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Simple Peaceful Meditation

This is a Simple Meditation you can practice without the need for Psychology Meditation skilled  Eastern Zen Meditation etc  I have written some lovely things for you to quietly visualize in your imagination, that should bring you a happy and peaceful state of mind
most times.

Our Creator has made some wonderful things in Nature and an ability to picture them. This can be so restful.  Some of these inspirations can be bubbly and delightful and others serene depending on how well you take them in (naturally speaking)


Simple practice of Meditation

Find a place where you’re comfortable and undisturbed:  reclining on your favorite chair, resting on your bed or sofa. Dismiss thoughts of the day or evening – or next day –this is a decision you make, that nothing requires your attention and everything can wait. Consciously engage your thoughts in some deep breathing by placing one hand over your tummy and the other on your diaphragm (above your tummy). Let your body completely relax, allowing all tension anywhere in your body to go. Take a few full breaths through your airways, filling your abdomen area (your tummy should be rising with each breath). If your diaphragm is raising, that’s shallow breathing. With sanctified imagination (nothing worldly, sad or serious, dismissing your cares and concerns and duties of the day) picture yourself in these places, benefiting from thoughts of nature
surrounding and embracing you.

Pleasant Natural things to Visualize

Nice country hill slopes with fluffy little bunnies running amongst the grass with their cute little tales bobbing here and there.

Cascading waterfalls with a secret entrance to sit peacefully inside those refreshing streams washing negative thoughts away.

Fields of daisies and poppies making pretty carpets of white, yellow and red…with birds flying across the stretch of the sky in fancy formations.

A place in the country with the sun shining brightly through the clouds over pretty dry grass with a few young antelopes grazing and skipping along, then refreshing themselves at a nearby river.

Stepping into a quaint little row-boat and pulling away from the water’s edge with bright yellow paddles and coasting along with the water splashing, then finding a spot to rest under a tree in the water for shade.

Climbing up a mountain slope effortlessly – because it does not require your energy – then seeing the tops of trees in different levels….nearby, you see an eagle taking off from the branch of a tree, flying way across the sky and then landing on the very branch from whence it came.

Walking along the beach in the shoreline, hearing the waves come rippling in over your feet, looking at bright colorful yachts sailing over the sea.

Imagine yourself in the awesome silence of a canyon, looking across the great expanse, then hearing echoes of your voice as you call out something joyful and carefree in your moment of solitude.

Walking in the meadows amongst the wildflowers on a nice sunny day, picking some and making a bouquet….then sitting down on your picnic rug with your picnic basket, lifting the cover and looking at the goodies you have in there….tasting some of your simple but sumptuous favorite foods and washing them down with a nice refreshing drink – packed in ice.

You’re at the beach, walking amongst pebbles, picking up shells of different shapes and sizes….you place them with your things you have left on the sand and you sit down in the water with the waves coming in, feeling so carefree.

You walk a little way into a shoreline pass the ripples. Standing very still, you’re  looking at the water where you see tiny little fish in delicate pretty colors – ever so tiny – swimming under the surface in the light reflected there….feeling the warmth of the water….and then you decide to go a little further out so you can swim…..and just for some relaxation, you find yourself floating for a while with the sun shining over you….drifting where the water takes you.

You’re out on a nice autumn day, strolling in the park, hearing the rustling leaves, looking at the colors of yellow and red in the trees…...feeling the nice cool breeze through the filtered sunlight in the trees….it’s very pleasant, yes.

The more you practice this Simple Meditation
the easier it comes. Meditation should not be complicated,
just sweet and simple. That is the idea.

Let me know if you enjoyed this.

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Julie-Anne on Sunday, 27 December 2015 9:11 AM
Medical meditation puts me off. It's too serious for me (relaxing different muscle groups etc) and Zen meditation is complicated. It does take a certain skill, that's true. But this I can do. So glad I came across this post. You have given so many beautiful things here to imagine.
Reply to comment on Thursday, 14 September 2017 2:31 PM
I read this article in which you give the value of meditating naturally. Natural is the only thing that inspires the sense of our physical well-being and refreshes our mind. I also agree with your points that you described in this article. I am waiting for more of your articles. I recommend them.
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Mike Craig on Monday, 29 January 2018 7:57 PM
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samwilliam on Tuesday, 29 May 2018 3:36 PM
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