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Birds at Night

The birds in the trees

they nestle there__

under the light of the moon.

It's a starry night

as they rest from their flights,

there's such calm in the light of the moon.

Then daybreak, it does not tarry long

and suddenly they're in song.

They spread their wings in the bright sun rays

What a marvelous display!

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Nature at Sunrise

The waves crash over the rocks

and suddenly it's sunrise.

The birds take wing to the skies

and such beauty lies__

over the sea for all to see

yes, it's the Break of Day.

The sun rises over the wheat fields

and various fields

Folks in their houses are still asleep

while in the meadow there's countless sheep.

Through the window my eyes do peep

Yes, it's the Break of Day.

Come out and feel the sweet gentle breeze

at this time of sunrise__

by the trees with the rustling leaves.

Janet Vargas © April 2012


While strolling through the woods today,.

I was awed by the beauty of creation,

I was seeing along the way,

it encircled my being.

The baby blue sky,

the multitude of brightly colored leaves,

red, orange, yellow and gold,

their beauty, breath-taking to behold.

The sparkling water of the beaver dam,

reflecting all the beauty around about,

caused my heart to want to shout.

Praise God! Praise God!

To God, our Creator there is no doubt.

Yes, all these things seen,

were created by the voice of God,

the creator of everything.

The only exception was man,

we were created by God’s mighty hand.

Winston Staples ©

Waiting for Spring

In the springtime you’ll be fine

In the meantime I wish you some sunshine Springtime is a time for smiles

A time when you could just walk for miles

Cheery birds sing their melodies

Flowers are budding like symphonies

Janet Vargas © June 2012

This Photo was taken by my son

A Clear Day

On a clear day, beauty will astound you

yes, beauty will surround you on a clear day

The sun shines on the snow capped mountains

and over the deep blue sea.

The forests with their sunlit trees

and flowers of the fields__

all this is beautiful to me

yes beauty all around.

Indeed it is beyond compare

You will see them all on a clear day.

Janet Vargas © April 2012


Red Robin's Tune

The red robin sings his little song

I wait for his return all the day long

I wait for his tune

when the flowers are in bloom.

He comes my way where my entrance is paved.

How happy I am to hear his tune

When all the flowers are out in bloom.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

The Earth is The Lord's

The Earth is The Lord's and the fullness thereof

It speaks of His Greatness and it Sings of His Love

Through all of Creation and symphonic splendor

God speaks with a Voice that is soft and tender.

And the birds in the trees and the flowers of


All join in proclaiming this Heavenly King.

Helen Steiner Rice ©


Are'nt you glad you don't live on the moon?

No flowers with nice perfume

or birds singing tunes...

No lush green grass

only a dull hush

No melodies and symphonies

No waterfalls and poppies tall.

Yes, I am glad God gave us the Earth...

The oceans with dolphins

and rivers with swans

The daisies in meadows

that tickle your toes

The dew drops that glisten.

You just have to listen

to the nice gentle breeze

and songbirds in the trees.

What an Infinite Maker

is our Creator.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2012

The Sunrise

Just before the sun comes up

A hush can fill the air

As though the earth cannot believe

The scene beyond compare.

The dandelions, little suns,

Have the softest glow.

Nature’s imitation of

The fiery sun we know.

Bobolinks and robins, too,

Sing their sweetest tunes.

Meadowlarks are followed by

The plaintive cry of loons.

All the earth is heralding

God’s gift of light to man.

Oh may He light our path so we

Fit into His great Plan.

Margaret Peterson©

Beauty of Creation

Bubbling brooks and flowing streams

Waterfalls and rivers

Flowing like a sanctuary

And sun showers of rain.

All a reflection of His Glory!

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Sun Blessed Morning

The sun does spill on every flower

The nectar and the dew

On this a blessed morning

Created for me and you.

I’m resting here on my rocking chair

Basking in the nice warm air.

This is a morning of pure delight

I’m precious in His sight.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

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