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For You my LOYAL FRIENDS and those interested, I have this News Page. I also have a Blog on INSPIRATIONS FOR YOU now. Because this is a website to wind down and relax...some of you will find this Page helps you to feel IN TOUCH!

Writers and Artists often work by inspiration and this is the same with myself when it comes to adding Content to my Web-Site__ Poems, Sayings, Pictures and Pages...........maybe that's the difference visitors comment on.

Some of you have been with me for quite some time now. It's almost 4 years since Inspirations for You began. I commenced it a few days after experiencing the gift of Poems because I just had to share the JOY - BEAUTY and PEACE with did not seem right to keep all these Poems to myself! I've sought to make this Web-Site a little OASIS where people can wind down and come to for some Joy and Peace in their daily lives. Like I say to those I meet (when out and about) "It's up on the Net for One reason__ to spread Happiness about. It's there for you to ENJOY!" And I've maintained that to this day. 4th May 2014


This may be Helpful: Sometimes I buy DVDs from AMAZON.COM.....and have commenced a LISTAMANIA with them of some really nice DVDs I have purchased and Enjoyed several times (occasional viewing when I have time to spare) that you may like to browse through. It's a list of personal recommendations that Amazon Members can create if they wish to do so....a really good idea when people have good content to share! Each member names the List. You can have several. This is the List I come up with.

My Listamania is called


You may find some Items you like there.




January Announcements!

I have been busy placing lots of pictures on

my special WebCards website over the holiday season.

Everything is nice like you see here!

I am happy to inform you that I have a New Website

about my best friend Jesus that presents Him in an unclouded way.

If you are interested to see it you may go to

I am introducing a new exciting Page to Inspirations for You

with Sheree Hanrahan.....a very close friend of mine who has much to offer.

She is an inspiring person with considerable insight and wisdom for mid 30s.

Some of you have seen a few of her quotes on this website.

She has accepted my offer to share a lead role with me making comments

on quality quotes I have on different pages of this website.

There are 10 Pages Now - ALL Different!!!

The New Page is Quotes with Comments

Have you noticed the new Janets Websites Page?

I have 3 Interactive Websites now (with blogs) that are mentioned there

along with a few others.


If you really want to be Interactive why not send a few friends

and family members a WebCard from my Janets WebCards website

I placed on the Net just for you - there were so many comments offline about

the beautiful photos I place here - that I was inspired to make a Website

for you to Enjoy sending some to each-other. There are lots of Cute and

Pretty Emoticons and Gifs - some sparkly and some animated.....

a unique selection of Audios to choose from....and there is a good selection

of Poems and Inspirations you do not see here!

All content is pleasant like you find with Inspirations for You

and Free Membership is available - comments have been made to me

of someone's day being changed when receiving one of these WebCards.

Why wait for special occasions.....why not make an occasion by

making someone feel Special? That's what I designed the Site for.

And Inspiring each other......Hey? "Life be in it" 

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