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Hi there, from Janet and Friends.

Thought I would add a Page with some Quotes from a few of my friends who first inspired me some years ago with various things they said in meaningful conversations we've had together at times. I would actually like to find some that I've had written down for some time. The memory of them sparked a new interest to include Quotes and Sayings on my Web-Site. I keep a 'paper n pen' close by when I talk with them the phone etc ready for any 'Gems' I may hear. Some sayings will be combined (friend with me) and some by myself to fill in some space for a while. I hope to balance this Page with More of their Quotes.

This Photo really captures my heart and

spirit for Care-Free Nature Loving!

"You can't live 6-8 days at a time__ take time to smell the roses."


Try to have Faith 10 times more than you fear and Hope 50 times more than you worry. JV

Whatever is not Kind, Lovely, Pure, True and Just, Honorable and Praiseworthy, whatever is not of a Good Report__

is not of/from God.......I make a conscious effort to think of all those Good Things that lift the spirit and keep you strong.


We don't live in easy times. If ever you're feeling out of sorts remember "Your story is'nt finished yet........

it's brighter in days to come."


If you Think of your Cup as half Full instead of half will Keep you on the Brighter Side of Life!


"Our Father Creator has gone to meticulous detail when He made things in Creation"......surely He can be trusted to know every detail in our lives, nothing catches Him by suprise.


We forget to celebrate the little things…..why don’t we celebrate them in-between, those little things that make up life? We miss their impact when we fail to enjoy them fully.


The Lord would rather give us something to INSPIRE US and ENJOY to Move us On......Instead of expecting us

to keep to the same interests and stay in a rut.


We're all different and some of us like to have the same interests - Simply saying that "HE is a GOOD GOD!" JV

God is always listening to you - He does not listen to your mind and mouth so much as YOUR HEART.


Most people don't understand what they love to follow it.


Try to do something Nice for some-one each day...this Keeps you on a Positive Note.


Encourage yourself. Look back at your accomplishments and victories and take inspiration from them.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to You.


Whatever is past does not have to effect my future....because Today is in-between, wherein

I can make a difference....those things I can do now will make for a better tomorrow. JV

We need to be single-minded when we pray. Faith is trust in action.

We need to become childlike at heart – they don’t try to work things out.


"You can't live 6-8 days at a time__ live one day at a time and Enjoy it."


Sometimes those people we don’t think of are the very people who can change our perception of life.

They can cause us to enjoy a richer experience.


We think we have to do things or go somewhere…..we strive so hard to be happy but if we relax it will

come more readily because happiness comes from within, not from without.


To know and be are two different things....the freedom of being true to yourself.

When you find who you really are, you allow yourself to be true to who you are.


How many TODAYS we miss out on by reminiscing on Yesterdays and yearning for Tomorrows!

Let's fill our days with substance by living them NOW.


 When you're uplifting someone-else, you feel good about that - you've managed to put a smile

on someone's gives you joy like sunshine!


We need to not put limitations and restrictions on being happy. Happiness is in the little things too -

the very things we overlook when something has to be exciting to suprise or satisfy.


We forget to celebrate the little things. Why don’t we celebrate them in-between, those little things that make up life?


Decide to live in the moment leaving things that are passed - yes look forward and let your gaze be in front of you.


Thinking of things in the past is a waste of time and energy - live in this moment today.


Savor some moments each day - yes stop to savor them - don't be in a hurry to rush on

to the next thing so often. Pause and appreciate life and enjoy.


‹(•¿•)›¸\*/¸.•*´¯*¯`*• *JESUS MAKES FREE* •*´¯*¯`*•.¸\*/¸‹(•¿•)›

Smile like a child just for a while and see confusion subside… Simplicity is the Best Way. JV

"Happiness is a conscious Choice not an automatic response".......yes, don't rely on feelings, they're far too fickle. JV

Everyone has a different expression of character. Yours can be attractive as others when fully developed. JV

Give Faith Reign and not your doubts__ the Choice is up to Us. JV

Feelings come and go but His Good Plans are settled in Heaven concerning me! JV

Feelings cannot dominate where Faith Reigns - add to this Hope and Love. JV

Approach things from a place of Rest rather than a place of stress. Do this often and you'll be Blessed! JV

We overcome things more readily as Joyful over-comers. JV

Fill your thoughts with pleasant things - the results will be pleasing to your soul. JV

Try not to strive for other's giftings or talents - they may not be right for you. JV

I shall Rejoice for The Lord is Good - and His Plans are Good concerning me. JV

It's wise to apply the knowledge we've gained. Then we will have the capacity for more. JV

If you are happy on the inside, you can bring it to those outside. JV

Feelings change but Faith, Hope and Love Abide - in these I shall Reside. JV

Bring Joy to those around you, the benefits will astound you! JV

God is interested in the activities of my day. He always has time for me! JV

Faith, Hope and Love will keep you on Wings of a Dove. JV


Think of the kindness and nature of a benevolent God - it will make a difference to your day. JV

Sometimes when we wake-up without a happy feeling, we assume it won't be a happy day_ it will be some other day. But when we put on our happy mode by choice, it can be any day. JV

We so often trip over our feelings when peace and happiness they're concealing, so they are not dependable but

decisions are when we've trained them_ they can make for a happier and more peaceful day. Yes JV

Happiness is a state of mind that things don't have to feel sublime - this brings content instead of relent. JV

You can experience peace and pure release when you make a simple choice to lift your voice

above circumstances....and rest....your concerns will be less. JV

Happiness is not where you are on the outside but on the inside - when you

are at peace, you can be happy anywhere. JV

Peace can be happy anywhere - it does not have to be special.

Attune yourself to the Peace of God and let your feet be shod. JV

Happiness is an attitude, it's often found in gratitude; it's sometimes found in giving, a reason to be living;

and best of all, it's always found in peace. JV

Sometimes the best husbands and wives are those who are yet to be. It is not always those who are taken or sought after who would make a good spouse. That is not a perfect indicator…..many happy marriages had unexpected beginnings. JV

Birds are unencumbered by care as they fly in the air. They neither toil or spin....they store not in barns

but rest in His Arms. Let us so rest our cares on Him. JV

Faith is Simple, do not try__ Release it and let it Fly! JV

The Attribution for this Absolutely Refreshing Photo goes to lemonjenny on Flickr.Com A Big THANK YOU!!!

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