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Garden Poems

Vivid Begonias

Have you ever owned a Begonia?

They come in pretty colors

and such pretty formations.

There’s open ones and ruffled ones

and Can-Cans with pretty edges

All their petals look so nice

bulbs for Winter and Spring.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Variety of Tulips

Those special tulips look like feathers

the Striped Bellonas in yellow and red.

Have you heard of Dreaming Maids

and of those Golden Melody’s?

There’s something for you and me.

Flowers are precious, nature is precious

I like to partner with Nature.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Those Charming Hollyhocks

See those amazing hollyhocks

they’re standing there like footy socks

In some gardens you can see

they’re growing there like little trees.

The people like them

they’re like friends

a tall aquaintence by their entrance.

When the weather is fine

and you’re walking sometime

look out for them__

they’re special friends!

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Majestic Day-lilies

Oh those majestic Day-lilies

soaking in the sun.

tn vivid yellows and whites.

All so precious to my sight

my heart could truly fly

I see them there beyond compare

looking so stunning and bright.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Photo by my Son

Carnations and Roses

Have you seen the Carnations and Roses

growing side by side?

They’re stunning in the garden

and they make excellent bouquets.

You see them in the florists

with Gypsfolium in wraps

So nicely presented there.

but especially side by side.

I think I’ll grow some in my garden!

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Cottage Entrance

My entrance is paved with beautiful pebbles

and wonderful flowers in bloom

Birds are singing a bright new tune

where the paths are pleasantly strewn

with pebbles of all different colors

in the soft gentle breeze.

Janet Vargas © May 2013


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In the Parks

and Fields

God is Near

God is near as I walk in the forest green,

And when I sit by waters clear,

I sense His presence,

When I view the white tailed deer.

I enjoy His presence in the morning still,

While walking through a beautiful garden,

Seeing the lily and the golden daffodil.

I know He is with me,

Whether I am walking in a deep valley,

Or climbing very steep hills.

I feel His warmth in the sunshine,

And His freshness in the rain,

And His gracious hand of mercy,

While I am living with my pain.

I feel God's presence,

When I read His Holy word,

There He reveals His story,

The greatest love story ever heard.

When I awake in the morning,

I have nothing to fear,

I praise God and give thanks,

That my Lord is near.

Winston Staples ©

Flowers in a Park

Come and see those flowers

dressed in pretty colors__

Such grace on every petal.

I see them every year

When I stroll in the Park.

They really are a sight to see

blooming together in harmony

I could join them in their song

and linger here all day long.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Pretty White Blossoms

Did you see those white blossoms today

they look like snow on the trees?

They are so plentiful in Spring

a time when all the birds start to Sing

Each moment you cherish

and simply relish.....

It's a blessed time of the year!

Janet Vargas © Sept 2012


No floral design

Can be as grand,

As Our Father's array

That dots the land.

Splashes of color

Stippled with white,

Daisies and lillies

Seeking the light.

When warmed by the sun

And wet with dew,

Pleasures are many

Worries are few.

Heaven will feed them

It's promised you know,

Their occupation

Merely to grow.

Mary Mona Dorman©

Photo by Janet

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