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Helen Steiner Rice ~ My Tribute !

My tribute and praise for her Beautiful life-giving......imparting hope and strength......

and virtues that come from a life of ardent worship and understanding God's Ways.

Her priceless Poems reflect the Nature of Jesus. Between each line, you can see that she indeed had an intimate walk with Him - but she did not stop there - she carried His Love and Joy and Grace to her readers world wide....on Cards and in Inspirational Books of Poems for the benefit of others, in an agreeable way that people could relate to and understand.

Many of us don't have the ability or talent for conveying spiritual things in a practical way. Jesus said "My Words that I speak to you are Spirit and Life" and she reflects this in a special way. He also spoke in Parables (story-form) many of the things He wished to convey__ it's nice to keep that SIMPLICITY.

I feel a close bond with Helen Steiner Rice, even though I've never met her

because I am an avid lover of Greeting Cards and have been for many years. Also, I have in my keeping, two lovely books by her I came across that have blessed me in March (2012). It was just following an ardent desire to read more of her poems__ that I had read in 'Collection of Blessings'........and........ 'Collection of Joy'...... that I was gifted with Poetic-Language the next day. I prayed to find more like them and Jesus Gifted me instead over 3 days... I was so Blessed by this experience that I chose to share them with others, and the poems kept coming to my heart and mind since. ALL THANKS TO JESUS.

In conclusion, I would like to APPLAUD this virtuous lady for her Prolific Poems and Books...... not to mention her endeavors that I know so little of. Some of her titles will be mentioned on this page soon. I encourage you to get some__ there's nothing like a tangible book in your hand! They're pretty too....some are nicely presented as Gift Books__ and very feminine!

Read more about my experience with Poems in 2 locations of the About Me Page!

Do you know that you can find lots of inexpensive little Books of Poems by Helen Steiner Rice at Amazon?

The following Links will help you find them. They make Ideal Gifts!

Collection of Blessings

Collection of Joy

A Collection of Faith Hope & Love

God's Promises from A-Z

Meet God in the Morning

A Celebration of Friendship

Poems & Prayers

In the Loving Father's Care

Book Depository in UK also has them and offers Free Shipping World-Wide!


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