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This is a Special Feature Page concerning ALL the Benefits of Laughter - I call this phenomena revealed by Heart Specialists, Neuro-scientists, Psychologists and Various Physicians (collectively) the CHEMISTRY OF LAUGHTER. I have gleaned the following Information from various sources of research, reviewed this week!

I'll stick around awhile just to make you SMILE!

LAUGHTER IS GOOD for your MORAL and also your IMMUNE SYSTEM..............It Releases Endorphins in your body that are "Feel Good Chemicals" It can be a sure weapon against stress and if practiced regularly - as part of your Lifestyle - it can help to prevent and sometimes relieve Stress Related Illnesses.

Laughter Clears your Emotions and helps to Sharpen your Mental Faculties.

Laughter is fun and it’s good for you. It makes others feel good. It provides physical, emotional and psychological benefits.

Scientific Research reveals that LAUGHTER strengthens our cardiovascular functions; reduces stress hormones; improves circulation_ benefiting those with high blood pressure; has a boosting effect on the function of immune cells; releases endorphins_ a feel good chemical that sometimes helps to lower pain levels; it oxygenates our body via the respiratory system_ this is very good for us; it also enhances our bio-chemistry!

Someone said "Who makes you laugh? Who do you make laugh? It’s like sharing vitamins"

Laughter operates on at least three different levels. They are the biophysical, the biochemical, and the bioenergetic levels.

When we laugh, beneficial changes occur in our brain and our body.

Given the body-mind connection, the very act of laughter has, it can bring about changes in body chemistry to our advantage.

A daily practice of laughter can improve one's perspective on life, self-esteem and coping skills.

Even the skin can benefit from regular laughter because the capillaries become filled with blood which then feeds the skin with an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Laughter is a natural relaxant, releasing unhealthy attitudes, muscle stress and tension. It also releases endorphins that are natural mood lifters.

Laughter benefits our brain in quite unique ways. Also improves alertness, creativity and memory__

not to mention, it gives your muscle flexes a good work out. Some people who develop a lifestyle of laughter have found an improvement in metabolism.

"Laughter is a simple exercise that brings you relaxation" JV

"Laughter displaces negative energy with positive energy" JV

"Laughter brings Sunshine time after time and often brings your thoughts into line" JV

"Laughter is Anti-Aging, seek ways of's better than a frown!" JV

Who would have thought of it, that laughter could benefit us in so many ways....hey?

A good laugh, hearty laugh, hilarious laugh, outrageous laughter, trickles of laughter, smiles and laughter, bubbly laughter! Employ them ALL....why not?

I t's good to engage in things that make us look at the funny side of life if we can......

have a laugh at ourselves rather than to take things too seriously. There are even laughter clinics available in some countries.

Laughter can be a great way of exercising many of the muscles of the body. Research shows it's possible for almost all our muscles to be activated during laughter.

Laughing instantly reduces the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol that puts on weight and adrenaline that should not be over-spent (as it can lead to fatigue)

Having a good laugh prior to sleep can lessen stress and anxiety and facilitate deep, restful sleep.

Laughter also provides a mild aerobic workout that energizes you during the day and helps you to sleep better at night. You can top these aerobic benefits up with Deep Breathing (abdominal).

Both Laughter and Deep Breathing also benefit our metabolism because of the extra oxygen.

Laughter can provide a pleasant distraction from things that cause stress, anxiety and anger.

Laughter relaxes our whole body...and effects from it can last up to 45 minutes!

Even if you don’t feel happy at the moment, just the physical act of laughing increases serotonin and dopamine levels, that are happy-chemicals in our brain. It also benefits your circulation.

Laughter is a natural stress buster, better than medications and good for your brain! Adopt it as part of an Anti-Stress Lifestyle in addition to some good healthy exercise.....see it makes a difference!


The best Web-Site for this phenomena I have found as an Independent Natural Health Researcher is:

I read the following on this Web-Site and think it's a great idea!

As laughter, humor, and play become an integrated part of your life, your creativity will flourish and new discoveries for playing with friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and loved ones will occur to you daily. Humor takes you to a higher place where you can view the world from a more relaxed, positive, creative, joyful, and balanced perspective.

Surround yourself with reminders to lighten up. Keep a toy on your desk or in your car. Put up a funny poster in your office. Choose a computer screensaver that makes you laugh. Frame photos of you and your family or friends having fun.

Laughter is a natural part of my lifestyle in recent years and I can vouch for it's merits! Some Anti-stress toys, fun ornaments, pictures and posters would be great for the above mentioned. My mother actually has an irresistible painting of a clown on her bedroom wall that makes her laugh and it does work! Why not invest today?

Be sure to see the Cute Creatures Page on this Web-Site designed to give you some smiles and laughs.......JOIN IN......for some pleasure with me. I spent some hours on finding some pictures

for the occasion!

"Laughter is Sunshine you can hear" ~ Author Unknown

I trust you Enjoyed reading this Page!

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