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After some Motivation?

Here are some Poems by Janet


Quotes and Sayings......

"As a person thinks, so is he or she in life"__ be a thought CHANGER every day, take charge of how you speak to yourself.....we ALL do....and this will pay Dividends!

The Best in Life

What way are you travelling today

each and every day......

If it's towards the Sun

shadows will fall at your back

The river will surely run

so life you won't have to hack.


as to what Direction you take!

Janet Vargas © Oct 2012

Shaking Lethargy on

Summer's Day

Don't be lazy, get up and LIVE

Don't LET your DAY go through a sieve

It's True that today won't come again

So live each day not just now and then

VENTURE something Great or Small

It will make you feel 10 FEET TALL!

Janet Vargas © Oct 2012


We should try to do our best

then surely God would do the rest.

Things not finished don’t satisfy

Sometimes they cut off our supply

of profits or praise

when we take our laze.

Truly if I want more in life

then I must make a sacrifice

to see the outcomes of my dreams

and on my God I also must lean

But He would take His turn not mine

To see an outcome that is fine.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Maya Angelou

Robert Schuller Quotes

Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost.

Failure doesn't mean you are a failure it just means you haven't succeeded yet.

Build a dream and the dream will build you.

Winning starts with beginning.

Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly.

Today's accomplishments were yesterday's impossibilities.

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed.

Steve Maraboli Quotes

Your life is a print-out of your thoughts.

The nourishment of our souls comes from the smiles of others.

I will be generous with my love today. I will sprinkle compliments and uplifting words everywhere I go. I will do this knowing that my words are like seeds and when they fall on fertile soil, a reflection of those seeds will grow into something greater.

It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime. We should all smile more often.

As for the journey of life; at some point you will realize that YOU are the driver and you will drive!

It’s inspiring to see all the wonderfully amazing things that can happen in a day in which you participate.

Only when your intent and actions are in alignment can you create the reality you desire.

The day you start telling yourself you can, is the day you start knowing you will.

Sometimes you have to take those first steps, take that leap of faith, and inspire God to catch you.

Reading the Bible will help you get to know the word, but it’s when you put it down and live your life that you get to know the author.

God’s language is action. For God, faith is a verb.

It is those who can see the invisible that can do the impossible.

You can’t just wish change; you have to live the change in order for it to become a reality.

Happiness has to do with your mindset, not with outside circumstance.

You can still make today the day you change yourself. It’s never too late! Seizing the power of now is what will help you propel your life to where you need to be.

It doesn't matter what you did or where you were, it matters where you are and what you're doing. God is the architect of the event; you are the interpreter of the moment.

The greatest sermons are the ones given with a closed mouth and an open heart.

It’s actually in simplifying life that you get the greatest strength.

Linda Kuhar

Accountability works!

Anytime I set out to achieve a goal or even the slightest lifestyle change, the guaranteed

formula for a successful result is staying accountable!

If we want to grow and make a lasting difference in our life we must maintain accountability.

It is vital.

Accountability means showing up for yourself ­– living your best possible life right now, today!

Accountability and procrastination do not occupy the same space.

Which one do you choose to partner with?

Janet Vargas

When you let your learning lead to action, you have the beginning of true knowledge.

Words often carry power, so picture your words as building blocks in the life of others and yourself.

Be at peace with yourself and you can be at peace with those around you.

You can be happy more often by choice than by chance.

Happiness is a state of mind__ when your thoughts are in harmony they sound like chimes.

The impossible can always be broken down into possibilities. ~ Author Unknown

Happiness is the cheapest luxury we have, enjoy some often. ~ Adapted

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. ~ Ralph Marston

"We make our future by the best use of the present"

While it is nice to think of a better tomorrow, it's good to take steps now to ensure it will be.

This does not have to be complicated, there are simple things we can do.

A little here a little there, and be consistent. JV


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JESUS is the Source of my Inspirations__ truly He is the BEST!

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