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A Mother’s Smile

I like the way you smile at me

I love your special ways

You show me that I’m valued

maybe more than I know.

Sometimes I’m not fully aware

of the thoughts that you think of me

You remember me from the day of my birth

to you, I’m the best thing on this earth.


Janet Vargas © May 2012

It’s amazing the way a mother has an innate

ability to love more than one child this way!

Your Arms Were Always Open

Your arms were always open

when I needed a hug

Your heart understand

when I needed a friend

Your gentle eyes were stern

when I needed a lesson

Your strength and love

guided me and gave me wings

to help me soar.

Author Unknown 

A Mother

A Mother is one who

understands the things

you say and do.

Who always overlooks

your faults and sees the

best in you.

A Mother is one whose

special love inspires you

day by day.

Who fills your heart with

gladness in her warm

and thoughtful way.

A Mother is all these things

and more - the greatest

treasure known.

And the dearest Mother in

all of the world is the one I

call my own.


Mother’s Birthday

I like to show that you’re special

On this your Birthday_______

You bring me fond memories

Of the way that you celebrate mine.

I may not be with you all the time__

I love you mum, for you are mine.


Janet Vargas © May 2012

Mothers and Daughters

You can see it in their eyes,

in tender hugs and long good-byes,

a love that only moms and daughters know.

You can see it in their smiles,

through passing years and changing styles,

a friendship that continually seems to grow.

You can see it in their lives,

the joy each one of them derives,

in just knowing that the other one is there...

To care and to understand,

lend an ear or hold a hand,

and to celebrate the memories they share.

Author Unknown 

My Mum. She has always been a caring person

as long as I remember. She likes to learn things and is interested in people and life around her.

Happy Mother's Day

"Happy Mother's Day" means more

Than have a happy day.

Within those words lie lots of things

We never get to say.

It means I love you first of all,

Then thanks for all you do.

It means you mean a lot to me,

And that I honor you.

But most of all, I guess it means

That I am thinking of

Your happiness on this, your day,

With pleasure and with love


"Wonderful Mother"

God made a wonderful mother,

A mother who never grows old;

He made her smile of the sunshine,

And He molded her heart of pure gold;

In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,

In her cheeks fair roses you see;

God made a wonderful mother,

And He gave that dear mother to me.


Our Mother is the Sweetest

Our mother is the sweetest and

Most delicate of all.

She knows more of paradise

Than angels can recall.

She’s not only beautiful

But passionately young,

Playful as a kid, yet wise

As one who has lived long.

Her love is like the rush of life,

A bubbling, laughing spring

That runs through all like liquid light

And makes the mountains sing.


My Jesus Mum

You’re a special mother

to me there is no other.

You treat me like I’m special

even when I’m relentful.

You pick me up from my mistakes

you bless me always for Jesus’ sake

The sound of rejoicing you always make

and this is to say I LOVE YOU.


Janet Vargas © May 2012

This is my impression of a Jesus Mum

It’s always important to bless our children

For Jesus sake….and theirs!

Mother's Love

Her love is like

an island in life's ocean,

vast and wide

A peaceful, quiet shelter

From the wind, the rain, the tide.

'Tis bound on the north by Hope,

By Patience on the West,

By tender Counsel on the South

And on the East by Rest.

Above it like a beacon light

Shine Faith, and Truth, and Prayer;

And through the changing scenes of life

I find a haven there.

Author Unknown

A Mother’s Love

There is something about a mum

Her love shines like the morning sun

To speak of her praise on her special day

Of her gentle ways remember and say

You bring me cheer when you are near

You’re precious to me, your love is so free

I want you to know, your grace still shows

In the things that you do and I love you.

Janet Vargas © July 2012

A Precious Mother

Mom You've given me so much,

Love from your heart

and the warmth of your touch.

The gift of life and you're a friend to me.

We have a very Special Bond

which only comes from God...

I'm sure you agree.

As a child I would say Mommy I Love You,

Now you're my Mother so dear

I love you even more

with each and every new year.

If I could had chosen,

I would have picked no other.

Than for be my lifelong friend

and Precious Mother.

Author Unknown

Mother and Son

You grow more precious with age my dear

when I think of you my heart's of Good Cheer

My constant companion and my close friend

my love for you shall be without end.

When I live beyond those twinkly stars

my thoughts of you will not be far...

but till then my love, we have plenty of time

to live each day and make them shine.

Janet Vargas © Dec 2012

My Mother's Heart

My mother's heart is so tender

and her face has a gentle glow...

she's my friend and my inspiration,

she's the sweetest mom I know.

She gives herself so freely

to those who share her life...

she clearly loves her children

with the love that comes from Christ.

Her eyes are full of compassion

her voice is soft and mild...

she lives for helping others,

leaving "heartprints" all the while.

My mother's love is special

and grows sweeter with every year...

God blessed me with an angel;

she's my precious mother, dear.

Jill Lemming © Ohio

To my Son

Oh how the years go by,

Oh how time can certainly fly.

From once just a thought in far away dreams,

now into my arms and in my eyes gleam

the presence of you.

Your laughter and smiles

which go on for miles,

warms my heart and soul.

You're growing up so fast,

as I wish each moment with you to last forever.

My little boy will someday be a man

and right by your side I will forever stand.

I will pick up the pieces when you fall,

I will hold your hand and help you stand tall.

And when the day comes when you are on

your own,

never feel that you are alone.

No matter how near or far apart

I am always right there in your heart.

Always remember whatever you go through

that no matter what, I will always love you.

Amy R. Campbell ©

Mother is Just a Simple Word

Mother is just a simple word

yet it's especially dear...

And it seems to mean much

more with each passing year...

Each word of Love and Affection

describes you mother...

It's a word that's filled with love,

a word that reflects everything that's

wonderful - Wonderful just like you.

~Author Unknown~

God's Gift to Me

I don't want to kiss you goodnight,

so I'll just keep holding you tight!

Because I know, you'll change and you'll grow...

You'll get bigger with each morning light.

I know that the sky is full of stars,

and dreams will call your name from afar...

I'm anxious to see all you're going to be,

but I'm sure gonna miss who you are!

But I'll keep you right here, in my heart,

and I'll memorize each little part.

One day you will grow, and I'll miss you so,

But I'll keep you right here, in my heart.

These fingers that curl around my hand,

must do things that no other can.

~author unknown

My Mommy Cuddles Me

kisses me, hugs me and misses me

Washes my clothes for me,

giggles and talks with me,

Says "sweet dreams" to me,

I am glad she belongs to me..

There is no love, like a mother's love

like the precious bond that comes from God

never changing for all time...

a mother's love will shine.

God bless these special mothers

for all the tears and heartache

a mother's love lives on...

with God's blessings on each one.

Be thankful for our mothers,

from the power God has given.

~author unknown

If I Raised My Child Again

If I had my child to raise all over again,

I'd build self-esteem first,

and point the finger less.

I would do less correcting

and watch with my eyes.

I would care to know less

I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.

and seriously play.

I would run through more fields

and less tugging.

I would be firm less often,

I'd model less about the love of power,

~author unknown

Grandmother’s Talent

She always knows just what to do

And to show she loves them, too.

She's the first person to look for-

And they always keep asking for more.

By the twinkle that shines in her eyes-

For she's loving, patient and wise.

Even when they are grown –

To claim Grandmother as their own!

~Author Unknown~

I Love You Mom!

Mom's smiles can brighten any moment,

Mom's hugs put joy in all our days,

Mom's love will stay with us forever

and touch our lives in precious ways...

The values you've taught,

the care you've given,

and the wonderful love you've shown,

have enriched my life

in more ways than I can count.

I Love you Mom!

Author Unknown

And Gran Too

While we honor all our mothers

with words of love and praise.

While we tell about their goodness

and their kind and loving ways.

We should also think of Gran,

she's a mother too, you see....

For she mothered my dear mother

as my mother mothers me.


A Walk with Grandma

I like to walk with Grandma,

she takes small steps like mine.

She never says "let's hurry-up!

she always takes her time.

I like to walk with Grandma,

her eyes see things like mine.

Shiny stones, a fluffy cloud,

stars at night that shine.

People rush their whole day through,

they rarely stop to see.

I'm glad that God made Grandmas

unrushed and young like me!


What Grans are For

Grandmas are for stories

about things of long ago.

Grandmas are for caring

about all the things you know...

Grandmas are for rocking you

and singing you to sleep,

Grandmas are for giving you

nice memories to keep...

Grandmas are for knowing

all the things you're dreaming of...

But, most importantly of all,

grandmas are for love.


Nan's Special Guests

Last week we went to Nana's place

her table was covered in vivid lace

She said she was saving it for quite some time

and now that we're growing up that will be fine

So now we are her special guests

we learn her etiquette, neatly dressed.

Janet Vargas © June 2012

Our Lovely Nan

There's no-one like our lovely Nan

she makes us all feel special

on occasions meals are planned

a place is set for all her fans

Her stories are so plentiful

ones of yesteryear and all.

Janet Vargas © June 2012

Grandma's Hugs Are

Made Of Love!

Everything my grandma does

is something special made with love.

She takes time to add the extra touch

that says, "I love you very much."

She fixes hurts with a kiss and smile

and tells good stories grandma-style.

It's warm and cozy on her lap

for secret telling or a nap.

And when I say my prayers at night

I ask God to bless and hold her tight.

Cause when it comes to giving hugs

my grandma's arms are filled with love!

Author Unknown 

My Nan. She always sees the good in everyone and always has a good word to say. She is also a good listener.

Gran's Sunshine Smile

A grandma is someone

who's dear in every way

Her smile is like the sunshine

that brightens each new day

A grandma is someone

who plays a special part

in all the treasured memories

we hold within our heart.

Author Unknown 

To Be Like You, Gran

Your watchful eye protects me, mostly from myself,

Your unconditional love encourages me to be myself,

Your confidence empowers me to try new things

while your laughter fills me with hope,

Your many acts of kindness soften my heart and make me stronger,

Under your guidance, I have grown and someday,

when someone calls me gran

I pray she feels the same way about me.

Author Unknown

Gran's Special Touch

Grandmother, we appreciate you,

Because of you

each day is a little brighter,

The sun shines a little warmer,

Foods tastes better

and life is simply sweeter,

You bind us together with love and devotion, This family you created with such tender loving care,

We want you to know how much you mean

to each and everyone of us,

And, especially that we cherish you

every moment of every day!

Author Unknown

My Dear Mum

Whoever said you lose beauty with age

for beauty's within the heart

For all the days you've smiled at me

you loved me from the start.

I think of you when skies are blue

those moments our hearts are in tune.

You've grown more interesting with age

I could write more than a page.

You are the best friend I ever had

when I think of you my heart is glad

that I've had a mother just like you...

one that's faithful, constantly true.

I'd just like to say that "I love you!"

Janet Vargas © Dec 2012

A Daughter and Mother

A bond between a daughter and mother

is a bond that's like no other

it grows more precious with age

those things you care to relate.

If I only knew those gems in you

that I see in times I spend with you.

You were always quiet

but it's come to light__

the treasures I see in you.

Sharing your interests as you share mine

our bond has grown deeper with time.

Janet Vargas © Dec 2012

If Roses Grow in Heaven

If Roses grow in Heaven

Lord, please pick a bunch for me.

Place them in my Mother's arms

and tell her they're from me.

Tell her that I love her and miss her,

and when she turns to smile,

place a kiss upon her cheek

and hold her for awhile.

Because remembering her is easy,

I do it every day,

but there's an ache within my heart

that will never go away.

Author Unknown

This Poem is by Request - to keep in the context of my Web-Site, I think it's more Beautiful than sad...

You think I'm Special

I really feel quite special

That God has chosen you.

To be a person in my life

Who knows me through and through.

The time that we spend talking,

I've always felt you heard...

You've been so good at listening

To each and every word.

And even things I didn't share,

You somehow heard them too.

I think this is a special gift

That God has given you.

So I just want to thank you

For being there for me,

And showing me acceptance

And love so totally.

~Author Unknown~

"Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories

and love."

A Grandmother is a special person who causes a joyful happening in the heart of a child. -

Authors Unknown

Because of You

Ever since the day I was born.

You have nurtured me with love and kindness.

You have been someone I can believe in,

And someone I can depend upon.

In this world I am just staring to understand.

And it's important to me that you know

How grateful I am,

For all that you give to me,

For all that you teach me,

And for the strength I will have,

Because of you, grandma.

-Author Unknown

Grandmothers are just "antique" little girls.

~ Author Unknown ~

Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.

~ Marcy DeMaree ~

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.

~ Modern Proverb ~



Everything my grandma does

is something special made with love.

She take time to add the extra touch

that says, "I love you very much."

She fixes hurts with a kiss and smile

and tell good stories grandma-style.

It's warm and cozy on her lap

for secret telling or a nap.

And when I say my prayer at night,

I ask God to bless and hold her tight.

Cause when it comes to giving hugs

my grandma's arms are filled with love!

~Author Unknown~

Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on critique and long on love.

Grandparents are Special

When God created grandparents

the world was truly blessed

with all the special joys

that make a family happiest...

For grandparents know how to do

the things that warm a heart,

They touch our lives with loving care

right from the very start...

They show that they believe in us

and all we're dreaming of...

When God created grandparents,

He blessed our lives with love.

~author unknown

Wonderful Mother

God made a wonderful mother,

A mother who never grows old;

He made her smile of the sunshine,

And He moulded her heart of pure gold;

In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,

In her cheeks fair roses you see;

God made a wonderful mother,

And He gave that dear mother to me.

~ Pat O'Reilly

That Wonderful Mother of Mine

The moon never beams without bringing me dreams

Of that wonderful mother of mine.

The birds never sing but a message they bring

Of that wonderful mother of mine.

Just to bring back the time, that was so sweet to me,

Just to bring back the days, when I sat on her knee.

I pray every night to our Father above,

For that wonderful mother of mine.

I ask Him to keep her as long as He can

That -- wonderful mother of mine.

There are treasures on earth, that made life seem worthwhile,

But there's none can compare to my mother's smile.

You are a wonderful mother, dear Mother

of mine.

You'll hold a spot down deep in my heart,

'Till the stars no longer shine.

Your soul shall live on forever,

On through the fields of time.

For there'll never be another to me,

Like that wonderful Mother of mine.

~ Clyde Hager 


Grandparents bestow upon their grandchildren

The strength and wisdom that time

And experience have given them.

Grandchildren bless their Grandparents

With a youthful vitality and innocence

That help them stay young at heart forever.

Together they create a chain of love

Linking the past with the future.

The chain may lengthen,

But it will never part...

~ Author Unknown ~

The greatest gift we give to someone who

loves us is simply to be happy. ~Robert Brault


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