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Blessed Holidays

I feel like dancing in the sun

among the butterflies and the bees that hum

They’re pollinating from flower to flower

I’m truly blessed in these early hours

of seven and eight

when I walk through the gate

of white picket pales

My heart could sail.

And on the veranda waiting for me

flowers in baskets I could see.

Then my breakfast was resting there

nice fresh fruit beyond compare

it looks delicious

and very nutritious

I’m sure to come again.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Cottage Entrance

My entrance is paved with beautiful pebbles

and wonderful flowers in bloom

Birds are singing a bright new tune

where the paths are pleasantly strewn

with pebbles of all different colors

in the soft gentle breeze.

Janet Vargas © May 2013

Day off in my Canoe

Wading down the river in my canoe

is all I want to do

I place it upon the waters edge

and my heart does pledge__

I'm off for today

without need for pay

I'm going between those cliffs.

So I'm taking off on the water adrift__

I'm on my way today.

Then over the rocks and waterfall

surely I would go__

determination, it takes all__

then I land on the waters below.

On me, God bestows excellent strength

to venture at my content.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Attribution for Exquisite Garden Photo goes to

Mozzercork on Flickr..........many thanks!

Come join me at Sunrise

The swallows are resting there

waiting for the sunrise....

then suddenly, they take to the air.

They loop and they swing

as other birds sing.....

nothing can quite compare__

to this beautiful sight

as they also take flight,

it's sunrise.

Come out with me and see this sight,

they're flying in such formations__

having a celebration.

It's too good to miss

for this you would wish

And truly you'd want for more.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

May and September

It's nice going for holidays

in the month of May.....

And also September

for times to remember.

To see those colorful Autumn leaves

or beautiful blossoms that look like snow.

Moments to treasure

are such times of leisure

Strolling along and singing songs

your heart does feel so free.

Janet Vargas © Sept 2012

Times with a Cherished Friend

I would relish and simply cherish

an outing with you once more

When you come to my door

I'll be ready for more.....

We'll go to those sights

in the bright sunlight

what a treat for me that will be.

There's time of reflection

our last time out__

when we raised our voice to the clouds.

Our hearts were in song

as we ventured along__

What glorious times are ours.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Holiday Plans

Flowing rivers, bubbling brooks

I shall go and have a look.

It does sound so wonderful

pack my bags and make them full.

Think I'll go there for a week

for excitement, I can't sleep

I can see them now!

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Visits to the Beach

How I love to be there

on the seat by the stairs

It's a sunny day at the beach.

With the nice fresh breeze

in those big pine trees

and boats beyond the shore

it makes me eager for more.

Janet Vargas © April 2012


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