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See my new website in Memory of Loved Ones.

Have you lost a loved one or a friend?

I have made this website really Beautiful

for a pleasant experience

and a Haven you can come to often and

reflect in a nice way.

It is One of a Kind - There is no Site like it on the Net!

Suitable for Christians

(designed especially for you)

What to Expect:

We should not have to go to dingy websites with depressing content to remember our Loved Ones.

We have every reason to rejoice and be happy for them when their Race is Run and

they're with the Son.

You will find lots of content to furnish your thinking with lovely thoughts here. You can expect a pleasant experience on this website - that's why I made it. I have Loved Ones in Heaven too.

My Mum, my Sister and my Nephew. They loved Jesus so much and now they are blissfully Happy and Free in that Fair Homeland we wait to See! This is partly a memorial Site with poems I wrote for them. I then continued to write poems for you to remember those who are precious to you.

Vision for this Website:

It’s nice to Look Forward To Heaven in this stressful world and because we lost our Loved Ones within 6 months, I have real care and compassion for others who are missing their Loved-Ones. Because some websites are very negative and sometimes cause distress and further discomfort,

I wished to make this one really Beautiful, Encouraging and sometimes Uplifting for you and ourselves!

What Will You Find?

This is my promise, you will find lots of Positive and Peaceful Poems, some Compassionate, some Cheerful. Some Meaningful Content including Encouraging Scriptures and Inspirational writings.

I have searched tirelessly for many hours to find lots of nice Poems by unknown authors and

other authors (with copyrights attributed) to be a wonderful experience for you. I have written

about 15 lovely Poems so far for you. See Here!

A Place You Can Come To:

This is a HAVEN of REST you can come to. One of Compassion for us and one of Joy for our Loved Ones - They desire for us to Rejoice for them and also to find Comfort when we are missing them, hey? And they are looking forward to us Reuniting with them when we Share Blessed Days with them once more, Rest Assured of that.

Lovely Song Videos Added:

There is nothing like Music and Songs to Comfort and Cheer our hearts. I have placed some really nice Song-Videos on Jesus Hope of Heaven, I had the privilege of finding, just for you - I really love them! Some are: Sweet By and By......Heaven Is My Home......Come Springtime ......It Is Well with my Soul......Angels in the Room ......and others! See


Audio MP3's As Well:

There is The Mercy Of God - Unfailing Love - Fathers Heart - Heavens Embrace - Quietness And Trust - You Are My Hiding Place - There Is A Redeemer - He Leadeth Me - Let The Morning Bring - How Deep The Fathers Love For Us - A Brighter Day - I'll Fly Away

and others. See Here!

And To Cheer You Up:

Whether you are Looking forward to Heaven, Finding this world Stressful or Missing a Loved-One or Friend........You will find the To Cheer You Up Sub-pages located at the top of your screen very Encouraging. I have 12 of my Light-Natured pages on Pinterest with little baby animals etc

directly linked to this website for you. There are also pretty scenery pictures. Enjoy!


You will find this website Here:

(it will open in a separate window)

Please let your family, fellowship and friends know about it, hey?

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