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I thought God lived high above

Only someone for me to love

But He’s in my heart and not the sky

Not only to love but to be loved by

His tenderness cannot be measured

He has let me know that I am treasured

A precious child He loves most dear

In His embrace I have nothing to fear

On this Earthly world I’ll roam

Until the day God calls me home

But not without hope or reason

For He has a plan for this brief season

And if in Him I place my trust

I’ll live a life upright and just

Beth Daugherty Mohall, ND.

Words of Wisdom

One cannot live another’s life

Choose their interests or make their decisions Carry their problems or determine their outcome.

Each person has the power of choice

Interests of theirs are different to ours. Decisions? They know what’s right for them

We can pick them up and sometimes not

in this rest that God knows our future.

Remember these things sometimes with

your children

They’re on loan to us and make their way

Provide for them a nice environment

And be the best friend you can.

Janet Vargas © June 2012


I never knew you Lord,

Or your love in such great measure.

I'd heard about you as a child

But you were someone else's treasure.

I'd always hoped for more,

I hoped you would be true,

When growing up, I'm sure you knew

I was always seeking you.

Teenage cries, confusion reigned,

the order of the day.

And all the while, your awesome presence,

with me all the way.

Not knowing you're my Savior;

I'd never heard of grace,

I couldn't hear your voice of love,

so closely at my face.

I'd always hoped for more,

still hoping you'd be true,

Still growing up, I'm sure you knew,

I was always seeking you.

Unsuccessful plans, mistakes

were running high,

An adult crying to the Lord;

He'll know the reasons why.

I heard about you in that book,

when I was but a child,

I wanted to know this Jesus,

so kind and meek and mild.

I'm so grateful for your word,

in You I've come alive,

My heart you've filled with gladness,

and joy has filled my eyes.

I'm glad I hoped for more,

and now I know You're true,

When growing up, I never knew

That You would seek me too.

Leonie Russell©

Cheerful Empathy

He was my song through the night

When I found myself in a plight

My strength is renewed

I can sing a new tune

He was my song in the night.

He was always there for me

Gave me times of tranquility

The waters were calm

I was in His Palm

Engraved in the Hand of God.

Now there is laughter and peace

There were then when my soul was at ease

New life springs forth

And what is more

There will be a time for you too.

Janet Vargas © June 2012

It’s true, so true what His Word says that

“Joy comes in the Morning”

Truly Satisfies

Romance is not everything

people often think it is

But one can still feel empty

for something more of bliss.

This is because we were made for Him

who reserves a place in our hearts__

It's Him who fills us to the brim

and Truly Satisfies.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2012

Your Eyes Are Ever Fixed

Wherever You are Lord,

You are fully there.

Every part of You is listening

When I offer up a prayer.

Your omnipresence shines

And thrills my very heart,

For Lord I have You fully

Not just a random part.

When I turn my eyes to You,

I find with utter glee,

That Your eyes are ever fixed

And fastened upon me.

No need have I to turn

Your thoughts unto my way.

Your thoughts ever dwell there

As I go about the day

So when I turn my eyes

In search of Your dear face,

I find You ever loyal

Within Your faithful place.

To all You call Your own,

Such love You do bestow.

I may not understand it,

But I believe it and I know:

You will never be too busy

That Your eye will turn and stray.

You will never be too busy

That You neglect to watch my way.

Praise You precious Jesus!

Your love I ever feel.

Praise You precious Jesus!

Your care is very real.

And when I turn my eyes to You,

I find with utter glee,

That Your eyes are ever fixed

And fastened upon me.

Heather Mae Belmonte © 


The beauty of a Sunset,

The sweet fragrance of a flower,

To me is a reminder of God’s wonderful Power.

When you are feeling low and all alone,

Just remember God loves you and cares for His own.

If your life seems dark and you are on a rough road,

Just remember to pray, He will lighten your load.

Your burdens He will lift if to Him you do go,

Your prayers He will answer if Faith you do show.

The beauty God has provided for you and for me,

Is all around us if we just take the time to see.

We only need to have faith and to pray,

For God to be with us and guide us each day.

Lillian Smith ~ Stockton, California

The Ideal Home

On laughter and happiness you can

build a home

With peace, sweet peace you can

call your own And love, such love can

always be found

Material things come 2nd__

they don’t have to be the best in town

Yes, these are the values that make

for a home One I will gladly call my own

Janet Vargas © June 2012


As I walk through the garden of hope

I wonder why as we get older

Winter’s longer then still colder

Than all the winters past before

Then flowers bloom in spring once more

I wonder why our memories fade

From precious times and friendships made

From loves and pleasures known before

Then flowers bloom in spring once more

I wonder why as lifeline’s pale

Age often brings us pain to veil

The sunlight from our days before

Then flowers bloom in spring once more

I wonder why our autumn years

Cloud our thoughts with end life fears

With shadows seldom seen before

Then flowers bloom in spring once more

I wonder why in our old age

We look for God upon life’s stage

When we’ve failed to look in years before

Then flowers bloom in spring once more

I wonder why near death and dying

We fail to see beyond the crying

Hopes and dreams from years before

Then flowers bloom in spring once more

A Splendid Poem on Hope

by Richard Diem

Living Today

Care not for the failures of yesterday

you belong to Jesus, now and always

He will put a new spring in your step

if you trust, in simple faith

Live for today, that's what you must.

Janet Vargas © Sept 2012


The Savior is waiting to enter your heart

Once he comes in he will never depart

He has life giving water to quench your thirst

And with his love you'll be immersed

He came to give you life

more abundant and free

And that is why he went to the cross of Calvary

His shed blood was the perfect sacrifice

He has power to forgive sins because

he paid the price

If you are thirsty then come to him now

And at the mercy seat humbly bow

He loves you so much and is the only way

Jesus is only a prayer away

Jesus is waiting with his arms open wide

He says "Come unto me and with me abide"

He'll forgive any sin you've ever done

And wipe the slate clean

as though there were none

He promises you a home in heaven

where you'll never grow old

Where some day you'll be walking

on streets of gold

His great salvation you can never lose

Whoever comes to him he will never refuse

~ Cindy Wyatt ~

He Hides my soul in the Depths of His Love that Covers a Dry Thirsty Land ~ Yes Indeed !!!

In a Land

There is a star that shines

so bright

In a land where there is

no night

On every face there is

a smile

For we will never suffer

another trial

There are no tears

no fears, no pain

but everything to gain

We will walk and talk

with our Lord Jesus Christ

For He paid the price

On that lonely hill

yet, He loves us still!

Mary Frances Wright

God is Able

It is only a tiny rosebud.

A flower of God's design.

But I cannot unfold the petals

With this clumsy hand of mine.

The secret of unfolding flowers

Is not known to such as I

God opens flowers so sweetly

When in my hand they fade and die

If I cannot unfold the rosebud

This flower of God's design

Then how do I think I have the wisdom

To unfold this life of mine.

So I'll trust in Him for His leading

Each moment of the day

I will look to Him for guidance

Each pilgrim step of the way

The pathway, which lies before me

Only the Heavenly Father knows

I'll trust in Him to unfold the moments

Just as He unfolds the rose

~Author Unknown~

I wish you Well

Very soon the sun will set

Just before the night-fall

At times today my soul was blessed

I meditate as I have my rest.

There have been times that challenged me

But the day has dawned and I feel free.

I wish you all well ~ May Jesus be with you

at the break of dawn

Janet Vargas© June 2012


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